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High-Intensity Interval Training: HIIT and Benefits

High-Intensity Interval Training: HIIT and Benefits

No more excuses for skipping your workouts, high-intensity interval training or HIIT is here to fit right into your busy schedules. Squeezing in HIIT isn't always easy, but it is highly effective in keeping you...
woman counting her calories burned

Weight Loss Tips: Simple Ways to Burn More Calories

If you've ever tried to lose weight before, you know it can be a battle trying to shed those last few, stubborn pounds. You're eating well and going to the gym, but you can't...
woman relaxing in sofa chair

Why Women Tend to Neglect Self-Care

As women, many of us lead complex lives with multiple jobs, obligations, and expectations. Some women are both a mom and a wife in addition to the roles they carry at work. When you look...
4 Exercises To Reduce Dark Circles

4 Exercises That Help to Reduce Dark Circles

It is often daunting to notice dark circles under our eyes first thing in the morning. We might feel like we got a good night's rest, but our eyes are trying to tell us...

3 Must-Visit Hiking Trails In the US

If you are looking for new places to hike or just trying to expand your horizon to get out more; take a look at these hiking trails that will help you disconnect from your worries and connect you with the universe.
Benefits of Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing: How Belly Dancing Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

When we think about belly dancing we usually imagine a seductive dance with short and revealing clothing, but this is a common misconception. Belly dancing is a graceful and poise form of art and it empowers women, giving them the confidence to embrace their bodies.