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NYE Special: Start This 20-Day Workout Plan Today

Thu, Dec 11th 2014

Trina Remedios

NYE Special: Start This 20-Day Workout Plan Today

If you’re worried about fitting into that LBD this New Year’s Eve, nutritionist and fitness trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read—with 12 books to her name—has just the exercise plan for you. Easy to do and great for toning your muscles and losing weight, here’s the NYE 20-day workout that can help you lose up to 10 pounds if done right.

Step One: Walk Faster
If you like to walk, you’re in luck. Walking is a great form of cardio that can be included into your daily routine. Take to the road on the way home or in the evening at the park, and even walk around when you are at work as much as possible. If you’re treading a long stretch, amp up your speed to 4 miles per hour to really burn the fat.

Step Two: Work Out
Being glued to your desk causes many health issues, but in terms of weight loss specifically, it slows your metabolism resulting in calorie build-up. Just getting up from your desk to stretch and walk around every 20 minutes is enough to keep that metabolism in check.

Step Three: Snack Healthier
Heading to the office lunchroom for a snack is a bad idea. Ditch the calorie-laden grub and pack a fruit salad, oats, nutrition bars or a mini-meal from home instead. You could also whip up a vegetable smoothie for your flask, and sip on it every two hours. This will keep your metabolic rate consistent, and prevent acid build-up and reflux.

Step Four: Challenge Yourself
Push yourself to burn an extra 100 calories every day, and by New Year’s Eve you could lose 2,000 without even realizing it. A pedometer, fitness tracker, and fitness apps on your smartphone are all capable of giving an approximate count of your calories and level of activity.

Step Five: Perfect Those Pins (Part 1)
If you’ve bought a dress that shows some leg, here’s how you can put your best foot forward. For quick definition, jump rope for 10 minutes—once in the morning and once at night. Each session can help you burn 135 calories and will simultaneously tone various muscles like your glutes, hamstring and calves.

Step Six: Perfect Those Pins (Part 2)
Take stair-training to another level and walk up the stairs, two steps at a time. Do this without the support of the railing for a full-workout of the thighs and glutes; make sure to maintain balance so that you don’t fall. You can lose up to 150 calories in 15 minutes, so try and push yourself to do an extra minute every day.

With a whole other kind of New Year countdown on our agenda, let’s crack the whip and get ready for a fit and fabulous 2015.

Source: IANS


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