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Celebrate Christmas On A Budget

Mon, Dec 22nd 2014

Simona Terron

Celebrate Christmas On A Budget

With Christmas round the corner, you’ve probably allotted a chunk of your holiday budget to gifts, new clothes, dinner preparation and decorations that scream ‘happy holidays!’ That being said, it isn’t unnatural to feel the pressure of the expenditure, and the likelihood of overshooting your budget. In our experience, a good celebration is one that involves fun and family, but doesn’t have to be cost-intensive. Here are some easy ways to have a wonderful Christmas without breaking the bank.

1. Host A Potluck Dinner
You most likely have an aunt, who loves to bake muffins. Or your grandma, who makes the best chicken pot pie. Why not ask them to get some of their favorite dishes, and host a potluck dinner? While you arrange for the main dish such as a holiday ham or roast turkey, your guests could get the small dishes and desserts. Furthermore, you could pick up discounted turkeys, stuffing, puree and all at one of the post-Thanksgiving sales.

2. Be Smart About The Centerpiece
Your décor needs to be pretty and festive, but it needn’t be expensive. Focus on a couple of areas such as the mantel or the dinner table, and decorate it with a beautiful centerpiece. Use broken, multi-colored glass pieces and arrange them in a clear glass vase with a tea light inside, to create a shimmering ornament. Use inexpensive fairy lights to brighten up an old wreath, or to light up the stairway or drapery. Food, such as a big bowl of fruits or muffins, could double as the centerpiece.

3. Make Your Christmas Tree Shine
You don’t have to spend a big sum to make your Christmas tree stand out. If you don’t have time to make your own tinsel, use crystal pieces from an old chandelier to make sparkling clean ornaments. Give new life to the ornaments and pine cones left over from last year, by painting them in gold and silver colors. If you want to reuse an artificial Christmas tree, cover it in white paint and finish with some silver dust for an elegant look.

4. Find A Budget Gift
Avoid the commercial side of the holidays and focus on the sentiment instead. Stick photos and scribble comments in a handmade photo album, or pass on your favorite book with a creative, handmade bookmark. Gifting an experience is also exciting—spa vouchers, tickets to a local attraction, or a yearly membership to a library. Here are some frugal gifting ideas that add a personal touch to your holiday presents.

5. Get A Good Deal
Comparison sites and loyalty scheme points are a great way to get deals on presents. Look up Craigslist, eBay or Freecycle for second-hand products like books and toys. If you want new toys and clothes for the kids, simply wait until Free Shipping Day, when online merchants offer free shipping plus with additional discounts, but still deliver by Christmas Eve. You could even sell old toys for cash at a children’s toy resale store.

With these tips, you can be sure that a budget-friendly celebration doesn’t necessarily have to be low-scale. Spend smartly to have a memorable Christmas.

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