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high-sugar foods

10 Foods That Are Loaded with “Hidden” Sugar

We all know that foods like candy and cookies are loaded with sugar. That's why these foods are often referred to as indulgent treats reserved for special occasions. The real trouble is avoiding foods...
roasted asparagus

How to Cook Asparagus as a Healthy Side Dish

You know spring has arrived when you see bright stalks of green asparagus lining the produce shelves. If you've never bought or used this green veggie, you may be wondering how to cook asparagus...
3 different soups in mugs

Drinkable Soups Replace Smoothies and Juices

You've no doubt heard about juicing and its many benefits, especially in regards to detoxing. But have you heard about souping? Drinkable soups are replacing smoothies and juices, and people are enthusiastically jumping onboard with...
mango chutney in a bowl with ripe mangoes and honey

Low-Sugar Mango Chutney Recipe

As we delve further into spring, mangoes will start showing up in the produce aisle, giving you all the more reason to make this low-sugar mango chutney recipe. This recipe produces a tantalizing chutney that's...
cups of bone broth

Why You Should Include Bone Broth in Your Diet

If you see someone drinking steaming liquid from a mug, don't assume it's coffee or tea anymore. Thanks to its wild popularity, bone broth is becoming the new go-to hot beverage to drink, and...
Brain Games | 5 Ways to Engage Your Brain

Brain Games | 5 Ways to Engage Your Brain

A healthy and happy brain leads to a life filled with energy, reduced stress, high performance, and reduced risk of developing diseases. We are constantly encouraged to maintain a healthy body and mind. Creating a healthy...