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Fiber Diet | Top 10 High-Fiber Foods

Fiber Diet | Top 10 High Fiber Foods
Did you know that the daily recommended dose of fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men? You might be on a healthy kick or scurrying to make a salad as we speak, but it's possible that you're still not meeting your fiber requirements for the day. Fiber is a very important factor in maintaining regular body...

High-Fiber Diets: What You Need to Know

Dietary fiber is the best way to ensure good digestion - and it also has benefits for heart health, diabetes, stroke and other diseases.

Can a Balanced Intake of High-Protein Foods Regulate Your Hormones?

Can a Balanced Intake of High-Protein Foods Regulate Your Hormones?
With the numerous diets out there today, it is often quite confusing as to what will work for your personal body type and lifestyle. Along with the diets come various contradicting ideas about low-carbs being key and a high-protein diet being beneficial. The body needs proteins to produce amino acids, which in turn help in the production of various hormones like...

Quick Fix: Flaxseeds For High Cholesterol Levels

Studies show that daily consumption of flaxseeds can lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels by nine to 18 percent.

Fast Five: The Most Delicious Fiber-Rich Veggies To Add To Your Diet

While most fruit and veg are loaded with nutrition and fiber, we list down the most delicious ones that you can easily incorporate into your meals.

Quick Fix: Flaxseeds For High Blood Pressure

Packed with blood pressure-lowering antioxidants, flaxseeds are all you need to control your rising blood pressure levels.

4 Ways To Get More Fiber From Your Daily Diet (& Why It’s Necessary)

New research shows that people who get dietary fiber from many different sources benefit more than those who limit their intake to a single food or low-fiber diets.

Did You Know? Drinking Juice Could Lead To High Blood Pressure

Recent research shows that drinking fruit juice could provide vitamins, but could also lead to high blood pressure.

High Protein Diet: Pros And Cons

This diet keeps you satiated for longer and aids in rapid weight loss, but check out the negatives before you decide.

High Triglyceride Levels — A Product Of Nature Or Nurture?

Hypertriglyceridemia is a common disorder in the United States. It is characterized by high levels of triglycerides, the most abundant form of the fatty molecule. Control high levels of triglycerides before it can damage your heart.