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Z Living is a leading media brand dedicated to showcasing the best of healthy lifestyle and wellness across multiple media platforms, including television, web, and on-demand streaming. With more than 50 shows on food, fitness, health, natural beauty and lifestyle, we strive to offer the world’s largest line-up of first-run, original wellness programming, connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.


Our Manifesto:

We believe wellness has a new name – and it’s not just kale.
We’re about Eastern philosophy, but with a Western application.
We’re for everyone: the young, the old, the active, and the uninspired.
We’re yoga, but on a paddleboard.
We’re vegan, paleo, raw, and organic.
We’re taking 5,000 years of wellness wisdom and helping you apply it to your life right now.
We’re taking you to your happy place – with your mind, body, and soul.

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