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Meet the Couples

These are just some of the lucky couples taking on radical transformations all in the name of love. Read about their stories, how they met, and the big goals they’re tackling this season on Altar’d.

When Dylan and Gina met three years ago, there was an immediate connection. With their wedding around the corner, they’re taking on the ultimate challenge of shedding the pounds before the big day. Can they find the motivation to burn the extra pounds and become stronger together?

Natifah and Reggie’s unhealthy eating habits are causing tension in their relationship. With a history of high-blood pressure and diabetes in both of their families, they are hoping this challenge will improve their relationship, health, and quality of life for the long haul.

Shad is tired of being the “fat funny guy” and Shawna fears she won’t have the energy to keep up with future kids. With weight starting to negatively impact their careers, the husband-and-wife-to-be are making big changes just in time for their wedding day. Will they be stronger together or will the challenge drive them apart?

Both former college athletes, Alex and Jordan are having trouble adjusting to post-collegiate life. While the fun-loving engaged couple’s workout regime and active lifestyle has changed, their unhealthy eating habits haven’t. Will they start their life together happier and healthier or will they drop the ball?

Meet The Staff

Chris Marhefka & Erin Stutland

Chris Marhefka

Erin Stutland

Chris and Erin are passionate about changing lives. Watch as they each help lucky couples undergo powerful transformations over the course of 90 days.

A mind-body wellness and fitness expert, Erin Stutland is the creator of several fitness programs that reach thousands of people around the world, including her signature Shrink Session workout and Soul Strolls.

Chris Marhefka is the founder of B3 Gym in Gainesville, FL and co-founder of Eat the 80, a healthy meal delivery service in Florida. He has worked with more than 2,000 clients and has 10+ years experience as a personal trainer, CrossFit instructor, and nutrition and lifestyle coach. He holds a Certified Personal Trainer certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and is a CrossFit L1 and L2 certificate holder.

Altar'd By...

Sometimes big life changes happen in pairs. Whether you’re looking to drop weight in the form of pounds or relationship baggage, these stories of self-transformation are sure to inspire.

Plus we’ll be offering up tips from hosts Chris Marhefka and Erin Stutland on how simple changes to diet, exercise and self-care can lead to big transformations in your own life.

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Forever Altar’d

What’s next for each couple featured on Altar’d? Check in each week for honeymoon photos, wedding albums, before-and-afters, and more news on what happened after their transformations.

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Behind The Scenes

Reggie and Chris make a pact to achieve Reggie’s weight loss goals before his big day. But will he keep it?

Jordan wrestles with his fitness instructor as he grapples with his new commitment to health and wellness. Will he win?

Shauna weighs in to determine her ideal weight during her fitness intake with Erin. It’s going to be a long road ahead, before her wedding day.

Katie hugs it out after a hard workout with Erin. The journey is tough but the reward is sweeter.

Katie wants to lose as many extra pounds as possible before her big day. Will she fit into the wedding dress of her dreams?

Surf yoga helps to build core strength and develop flexibility, and it’s fun! Discover more innovative workouts on "Altar'd".

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Get Altar'd

Go behind the scenes with this inspiring program. Get updates, tips and tricks from the trainers that you can use to inspire your own personal transformation.