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Wed, May 18th 2016

Z Living Staff

JD Roth transformed Reality TV and the lives of many seeking a healthier lifestyle as creator and executive producer of weight loss shows like Extreme Weight Loss. His latest book, The Big Fat Truth, dissects fact from fiction on why dieting doesn’t work and how movement is key to healthy living. And in true televised Roth fashion, The Big Fat Truth will also soon hit the airwaves as a television series on Z Living in January 2017.

We caught up with JD recently to discuss his new book and what we can expect from his Z Living TV show The Big Fat Truth.
The Big Fat Truth Book

The title of your book is The Big Fat Truth. What is “the big fat truth” and what is the biggest lie that people tell themselves?

The big fat truth is that there’s no quick fix. There is no diet that is going to work, there’s no piece of exercise equipment you can use and there’s no pill you can take.

Another big fat truth is that commerce and business don’t want you thin because everyone wins when you’re not thin. You buy more food that’s not good for you and you have to take more medications.

There’s more money being spent on the healthcare side so guess who wins? All the choices that you make provide a lot of business for other people. So isn’t it time to make the business of your own life a priority? For me, the big fat truth is you’re capable of doing it, and all you need is to just do it.

What made you want to write a book? What was your hope in creating it?
The reason I wrote the book was that every medical professional I dealt with while trying to produce The Biggest Loser told us the same thing – You can only lose 1-2 pounds per week. But what they were looking at was the scientific way to lose weight — the science of calories in, calories out, calories left over. But I realized that it was really about the mind game.

I knew there was an emotional component to it, so I added the one ingredient that they didn’t really consider, and that was love.

When you really love people, tell them you believe in them and you tell them that you’re willing to hold their problems while they’re working out on the treadmill— you believe in them more than they believe in themselves. So  that 1-2 pounds a week turns into double digit weight loss every week. We had people losing 10 pounds a week, several weeks in a row — and that’s not because I’m better or smarter than doctors –  because I don’t even have a college degree. It’s just because I play the game of the mind. If you fix your mind, your body follows.

That’s what I really wanted to highlight in the book, the idea that you can have tough love. But tough always has to follow love. If you have tough without love it will never work.

What excites you most about your new Z Living TV show, Big Fat Truth that premieres next year?
I could not be more excited to bring my book to life on Z Living.  It is an opportunity to do a deep dive into the reasons certain people are destined to be fat.  I want to establish that it is not ok for anyone to not live their best life possible.  This show gives me the chance to spread the gospel of healthy living both physically and mentally, while showing the viewer how we really get weight off people.

There are certain jobs in America that guarantee you will be fat.  I want to dissect the reasons why, change the attitude, and turn it around so we don’t just assume that because we chose to be a cop, down the road we will be eating donuts. And then not being able to fit in our bulletproof vests any longer.  Why is it that night nurses are eight times more likely to be overweight than the regular population, yet they know more about health then the average person?  I need answers! And I want to help.

JD Roth Book

How do you and your family stay on a healthy track?

I work out seven days a week, and have done so since graduating high school 30 years ago. It’s my version of coffee. I don’t feel like I can fully wake up in the morning, unless I’ve done some form of moving. And I really like to change it up almost every day – from running, to working out at the gym with weights, to yoga, to plan metrics. And that’s before breakfast!

When my teenage boys get home from school, it’s on! From bike rides, to frisbee, to playing basketball –it all involves moving! Staying active is a very large part of our lives as a family and a priority no matter where we are. If someone told me that I wasn’t allowed to move or exercise for 30 straight days, I don’t know what I would do.

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