8 Natural Remedies to Prevent Wrinkles

It’s time to talk about the hard truth that will inevitably be a part of us soon enough – wrinkles. The last thing we want to notice in the mirror are unwanted lines on our face. We all want to prolong our healthy looking skin as long as possible.

Although wrinkles are a natural part of life, not all wrinkles are directly related to aging. Your diet, exercise routine, and stress levels all play a part in preventing early formation of wrinkles.

The main causes of wrinkles include:

  • Age
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Frowning too often
  • Stress and lack of sleep

8 Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

The best way to avoid wrinkles is to prevent them from arriving early. By following these 8 simple tips one can keep those wrinkles at bay and prevent the premature aging that leads to wrinkles.

1. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Exposure to the sun is the main cause of wrinkles. The harmful UV rays penetrate our skin and speed up the aging process, leaving us with wrinkles. It is imperative that you wear sunscreen before you go out in the sun to not only prevent wrinkles but reduce the risk of skin cancer.

2. Stop Smoking

Numerous studies show being exposed to constant cigarette smoke has harmful and damaging effects on the skin. Not only does smoking cigarettes make you age quicker, your skin takes a hit as well.

This also applies to second-hand smoke. If you are constantly exposed to cigarette smoke from your relatives or friends, your skin is getting stuck in the crossfire and being exposed to damaging effects such as wrinkles and dryness.

3. Sleep

A good night’s rest does so much good to our minds and bodies. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle rejuvenates and repairs the skin cells to promote healthier looking skin. While you are asleep, your skin cells are working hard to maintain the elasticity and thickness of your skin and thus hinder wrinkle formation in the process.

8 Natural Remedies to Prevent Wrinkles

4. Moisturize

Our skin is exposed to various weather conditions and other elements that damage the skin cells and promote early aging of the skin.

We’ve all fallen for commercials that convince us to buy expensive lotions to heal our skin, however, natural and simple moisturizes can easily rejuvenate and protect the skin without making a hole in your wallet.

5. Dark Chocolate

With so many positive side effects, dark chocolate is sweeping the nation when it comes to natural remedies for preventative care. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that boost healthier skin.

If you have been slacking on using sunscreen lately, dark chocolate can help fight the wrinkles and dark spots due to exposure to the sun. Choose a dark chocolate made with 70% cacao or more in order to benefit from its healthy qualities.

6. Add More Salmon to Your Diet

Protein and Omega 3s are two main components that are highly beneficial for the skin. The high protein content in salmon is helpful in building and repairing the skin cells while the presence of omega 3s keeps the skin nourished and looking healthy.

7. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Not only do you want to avoid diabetes and other health issues that come from eating too much sugar, you also want to prevent early signs of aging such as wrinkles. If you think UV rays are bad, sugar is much worse than the sun when it comes to your skin.

Having high sugar levels in your blood elevates tissue damage and premature aging and fast tracks the formation of wrinkles. Try to cut back on sugar as much as you can for your health and to prolong wrinkles from occurring.

8. Avoid Overwashing Your Skin

Washing your face twice a day is enough to keep your face fresh and clean. Even if you use natural soaps, try to avoid the urge to wash your face everytime it feels oily because you’re only going to make it worse.

The water we use still contains some chemicals and leaves our skin feeling very dry the more you wash it. The natural oils present in our skin are actually healthy for us and need to be present to prevent dryness and protect the skin from infections.

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