You may have been using it in your summer lemonades or benefiting from its cold-relieving properties. But, the one beauty treatment you should definitely use the lemon for is for its anti-aging benefits.

Fighting Aging
Lemons are a storehouse of health benefits. Here are the various ways in which they can fight those signs of aging.

  • The acids in lemon juice contain concentrated levels of antioxidants. These flush out the toxins and free radicals from your body.
  • Detoxing aids in proper regeneration, which gives you glowing and younger looking skin.
  • The Vitamin C found in lemons increases the production of collagen which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Collagen production keeps your skin looking tighter and younger.
  • Consuming lemon juice makes you urinate often as it is a natural diuretic. This helps flush out the liquid waste and any bacteria that may be accumulating in your body. This also leads to healthier looking skin.
  • Vitamin C keeps your skin looking healthier and keeps your teeth, bones, joints and eyesight in good condition.
  • Consuming lemon water increases the production of bile which is required for proper digestion. It also keeps the bile production under control, ensuring that no damage is caused to the digestive tract or stomach.
  • Lemon juice can help your body absorb iron better, which means your immunity is at its best.
  • Helps keep blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels in check.
  • Helps lighten and remove dark age spots.
  • Improves the health of your heart.

With so many benefits, using lemon is an excellent way to improve your skin’s health, keeping it looking young and glowing.

Lemon For Skincare
There are so many ways you can include lemon in your daily routine to keep your skin looking younger and healthier.

  1. Have it as fresh juice in a glass of warm water in the morning.
  2. Mix lemon juice with glycerin and rose water. Apply this on your face with a cotton ball and keep overnight.
  3. You can also put lemon juice on your face and let it stay for a while.
  4. Mix lemon juice with some wheat flour and mashed pineapple. Apply this on your face to get fresh and younger looking skin.
  5. Mix lemon juice with oatmeal and mashed guava and apply on your face to get a healthy glow.
  6. Mix lemon juice and honey and apply this over your face to reduce age spots.
  7. Mix lemon juice with olive oil, honey and sugar and apply on your body to get younger skin.

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