In the pursuit of the fountain of youth, or in this case, a can full of it, an Asian brewery named Suntory is rolling out a beer that contains trace amounts of collagen (about 2g per can).

We’re all well aware that the structural protein in the connective tissues works like glue, and can keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. This is exactly why, collagen injections and collagen-inducing foods have gained popularity in the last decade, and serve as the go-to for women (and some men) who want to preserve their youthful appearance.

While Kuniko Takahashi, a nutrition scientist from Gunma University, dismisses the myth saying that collagen was no better than average as a protein, Precious by Suntory still hopes to fly off the shelves by appealing to your vainer side.

This is yet another new beauty fad among the many that have surfaced from the Asian quarters this year, owing its origin to Japan. The Precious beer has about 5 percent alcohol, and may prompt the first of many collagen-boosting foods and beverages to be made commercially available.

That said, we make a case for beer as a beauty fix, although we recommend a topical application instead of guzzling down a potbelly-full to get your fix. Cheers to that!

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