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Your skin has been on this planet the number of years that you have. So basically, skin aging is a continuous process, and much like you add a candle to your birthday cake every year, you may need to add another product to your skincare routine every five years, starting with your late 20s. This right here should comfort you, because aging is a very natural process and isn’t exactly your enemy. We agree the prospect of aging can be quite disconcerting. The idea is to manage the inevitable rather than fret over its irreversible state of existence.

While you’re not the only one on the brink of a panic attack, anti-aging products might not necessarily be the recommended solution, depending on the genetic makeup of your skin. Sometimes, simple lifestyle and dietary changes are enough to see you through it. But the fact is, sooner or later those fine lines will catch up to you, so we suggest you come prepared.


Aging, What To Watch Out For?
If you pay close attention to your skin, you’ll know that external factors like lifestyle, environment, and food habits are usually major contributors to skin problems. UVA and UVB rays tend to add to the damage. Continuous exposure to the sun is likely to cause premature aging. This is when investing in a good sunblock matters. Ask any expert and they will tell you that almost all aging related problems—wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, roughness and skin darkening are associated with sun damage.

When Is It A Good Time To Start Using Anti-Aging Products?
Using broad spectrum products by your late 20s is ideal. These will serve as preventive measures to prep your skin for the onslaught of aging signs. They should provide hydration and sun protection, and a bi-weekly exfoliating routine is also advisable. When you’re younger, skin repair tends to happen faster. As you grow older, the natural production of collagen slows down, so skin repair takes longer. A healthy skincare routine right from the very beginning will help you contain your youth for more years. Take Martha Stewart or model Christie Brinkley for example. These women are definitely doing something right!

Know Your Anti-Aging Product
More often than not, when it comes to investing in aging elixirs, there’s often a debate about whether you should go for a wrinkle-lift cream or an anti-aging cream. To most people, there hardly seems like much of a difference. It’s best to not assume. If you’re young, in your late 20s or early 30s, you’re probably not going to have wrinkles. This is when anti-aging creams work best. They are preventive in nature. However, wrinkle-lift and collagen boosting creams are better-suited for those in their late 30s and above. They are restorative in nature and aim to minimize existing signs of aging.

Whatever you ultimately choose as your skincare and anti-aging solution, holistic and natural remedies, backed by a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a basic skincare program are what will keep your skin glowing the most.

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