We've all heard how moderately drinking a glass of wine has been proven to be beneficial for heart health and how drinking a glass of wine after a workout can enhance your exercising performance.  One might think that applying wine to...
Thick and full eyebrows are a trait that everyone admires and have always been in demand. The real purpose of our eyebrows, aside from enhancing our appearance, is to help keep moisture out of our eyes from environmental irritants. The...
One may think that attaining healthy, soft, and supple skin might be a little challenging; but honestly, it's a lot easier than you think. Reaching your optimal skin health just requires daily moisture, a healthy diet, and the occasional Dry Brushing.
Were you aware that your skins weigh an exceptionally heavy amount of 20 whole pounds? With that being said, and considering all that our skin does for us on a daily basis wouldn't you want to show it the same courtesy? Why not try making your own body scrub to help keep your skin exfoliated and moisturized
Some of the other main contributors of dark lips are excessive exposure to sunlight, wearing cheap cosmetic brands, allergic reactions, smoking and hormonal imbalances. If you are struggling with this cosmetic condition, don't worry; there are many ways you can naturally brighten your lips without spending too much money or jeopardizing your health.
Washing the dishes, overusing hand sanitizer, and forgetting to lotion every once in a while can leave our hands feeling rough and dry. Dryness can range from mild to extreme, and when it hits extreme, it can actually be...
Although the occasional bee sting might feel a bit excruciating to our skin, ironically enough, bees produce substances that we use to protect our skin on a daily basis. We've all heard of honey and beeswax, but propolis hasn't received the attention it deserves. Read on to reap the benefits of Propolis.
Don't let the dry weather take all the moisture from your hair and skin. Bring out the shine in your hair and hydration to your skin by adding one simple ingredient to your moisturizing routine: eggs. Eggs do not have to be...
Everyone wants to see a blemish free face when they look into the mirror every morning. But for some people, that dream might seem far from reality. Over 60 million people struggle with acne. So if that sounds like you, don't be discouraged just try a facial peel mask.
Gulkand has a surplus of health benefits, ranging from aiding constipation in expecting mothers & children to eliminating foul body odor. Read on as we discuss what Gulkand is and how you can make your very own Rose petal jam at home.