Sometimes celebrity beauty secrets come from humble quarters: “When it comes to skincare, I love using things I can find in my kitchen cabinet!”–Eva Mendes, VioletGrey.com

Straight from the diaries of the Cuban beauty, here are three everyday home remedies to get age-defying skin like Eva.

Eva Mendes’ DIY Exfoliator
The actress uses yogurt and salt as an exfoliator to scrub off dead skin cells, which leaves her face looking young, smooth and toned.
How It Works: The graininess of salt acts as an exfoliating agent and also opens the skin pores which soak in the sodium from the salt. (FYI, sodium is also an anti-aging component.) As for yogurt, it is rich in vitamin A, lactic acid, calcium and zinc, each of which has properties that either help heal blemishes and scars, repair and hydrate the skin, or slow down the aging process.
Make Your Own: Mix 1tsp of salt to 1tbsp of yogurt, apply it to your face and then wash it off after five to 10 minutes. You can use this exfoliator twice a week.


Eva Mendes’ DIY Moisturizer
To keep her skin hydrated, Eva moisturizes her face with coconut oil.
How It Works: This oil is one of the best sources of vitamin E, which repairs cells to give you smooth, hydrated and healthy skin. An antioxidant, vitamin E is known for its anti-aging properties and can prevent premature aging, too. Coconut oil is also rich in protein which is essential to rejuvenate damaged skin tissue.
Make Your Own: Coconut oil is available in two forms—cream, and liquid. If you’re using the cream, you need to rub a teaspoon of it on to your palm, then apply it to your face, neck and hands. If you’re using liquid, massage the coconut oil into your skin with a cotton ball. Preferably use it after your shower.

Eva Mendes’ DIY For Puffy Eyes
For tired skin and puffiness, Eva says a bucket of ice water will do the trick.
How It Works: Ice water improves circulation, reduces excess oil formation, and keeps acne inflammation in check.
Make Your Own: Fill up about 10 ice cubes in half a bucket of water and keep it next to your basin. Splash your face with ice water once every two hours until you see a change.

With sage advice from your favorite celebrity, it’s time to head to the kitchen and round up those ingredients. After all, Mendes is one stunning 40-year-old, isn’t she?