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Isn’t it strange that our current teen population is so eager to emulate a fad, that could possibly have been the result of plastic surgery, fillers, or what have you? Given that it comes from the quarters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you have to consider the possibility that not everything you see is natural.

Yes, Kylie Jenner created a stir for her new-found bee-stung lips that seem to have made an appearance overnight. While the little lady insists she hasn’t had any work done, her prominent pout seems to have ricocheted an unhealthy trend on social media, with teenagers trying to achieve the perfect lips in the self-inflicted #KylieJennerChallenge.

Sure, the imagery of girls (and boys), placing their mouth on shot glasses and sucking out the air to create a vacuum may seem hilarious in your head, but their quest for the Jenner pout is leading to some serious bruising, burst of blood vessels, and in some cases, bleeding too.

And while their lips have swelled up to double the size, they don’t look nearly as natural or human, as is meant to be. What’s worse, the effects of the lip (dis)service can last for days and continue to be an eyesore for those who were up to the challenge. Once you’ve scanned Instagram and Twitter for this morbid, blood vessel-bursting travesty, we urge you to keep calm and try some truly natural substitutes instead. Sure, they won’t last as long, but hey, they can prove to be a great fix for a 3-hour long party.

Cinnamon Oil: Apply cinnamon oil in circular motions on the lips. This will increase the blood flow and invigorate the skin, making your lips appear fuller. You could alternately use this beetroot DIY for a scarlet hue that gives the illusion of a prominent pout.

Honey: Simply massaging honey on your lips every morning for 10 minutes will hydrate your pout. This makes them appear plump because of the increase in moisture content in the lips.

And, what better way to show-off that pout than with some bright colors and hues? Here’s how you can Make Your Own Red Carpet-Worthy Lipstick in a jiff.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/KylieJenner; Kylee_blah_blah

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