Instead of spending time and money on those spa sessions, why not make the products at home, using ingredients you already have?
I shudder when I remember the times it broke away right from the nail bed and ruined my expensive manicure. This fix changes things!
While we help you whip up this beauty recipe, remember to supplement it with a good night's rest and drink plenty of water.
With topical application, you are directly injecting your pores with anti-aging and moisturizing nutrients, and giving your skin a dose of natural oils, fatty acids, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants... 'nuff said!
Particularly in the summer, these discolored spots are more prominent around the high planes of your face. Here's how you can treat them.
You should be able to see the difference within two weeks, so long as you apply this home remedy every third day.
Quite horrible looking, isn't it, to have a yellow-brownish hue on your visible pearly whites? Well, lucky then that there's an extremely simple fix to the problem.
From her biggest faux pas to her quick-fix trick when she's on the go, here's a lesson or two in haircare, straight from the A-list singer.
It's not a beach bronze tan, it's an out and out first-degree burn; sometimes even second-degree. Heal the wounds with soothing homemade solutions.
All the likes, regrams and retweets are proof enough that the trend is catching on. We teach you how to fake #eyebrowcuts / #eyebrowslits.