licorice root extract for skin
Over-Night Lotion: You can also soothe the skin with licorice root extract. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the extract and apply it on your face before going to bed. Let the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property do its work as you get your beauty sleep. Rinse the extract next morning, but for best result do it regularly. It has a calming effect on the skin and calms skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Finally, a nail art trend we can get on board with… well, after the disastrous bubble nails, pretty much anything else is a welcome change.

We’ve had enough of the ever-changing world of beauty. Whatever happened to keeping things simple? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just a few coats of nail paint in pastel hues, and maybe some glitter if you’re looking for extra pizzazz.

But, with the new more is more approach, nothing surprises (or shocks) us anymore. The latest trend of aquarium nails turns you into a two-year-old, whose fascination with snow globes, stickers, and anything shiny is dumbfounding; particularly when spotted on a grownup’s talons.

That said, this trend does have its fair share of takers among the girly girls who probably still dot their ‘I’s with hearts.

Ready For The Plunge?
So what exactly are aquarium nails? Put simply, the manicure trend takes the concept of a fish tank and makes it portable; nail-sized at that. It is created using a hollow acrylic nail filled with baby oil, glitter, and whatever else the wearer chooses to add to it.

There have been some who chose to go with Disney characters, and hey, if you’re going down that route, push the envelope on this throwback to childhood by all means. Personally, we would’ve chosen to have mini-Channing Tatum‘s at our fingertips, but if Mickey Mouse floats your boat… ’nuff said!

We’re sticking with the pretty pastels and at-home manicures. In the mean time, watch this video clip to know how aquarium nails are fashioned.

Image Via Instagram/#AquariumNails

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