After bathing in the summer sun, our hair needs special attention to adjust to the weather change. Fall brings with it cold and dry weather that changes the texture of our hair. Get good looking hair this fall season and prevent your hair from turning dull and dry.

When fall comes around, we are faced with three hair problems:
1) Dry hair
2) Dull hair
3) Dandruff

Lack of moisture in the air absorbs the moisture from the hair and scalp. This makes our hair prone to brittle and dull which can also lead to dandruff.

Tips to transform dull hair
1) Head massage: This is ideal for repairing the hair follicles after summer and to rejuvenate the hair too. A head massage also works for improving hair growth, since the motion of the massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

There are several hair oils available in the market, but coconut oil is considered the best as it is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that the hair and the scalp need. But you can also try olive, castor, sesame, argan and jojoba oil and hair oil combination for the hair massage.

2) Dandruff:  Free yourself from dandruff with an effective shampoo that matches your hair requirements. Or you can try easy herbal alternatives that use aspirin, vinegar, baking soda, aloe vera, witch hazel and fenugreek. Get the dandruff-free with herbal DIYs and home remedies.

3) Trim your hair: Trim every few weeks to prevent split ends, which is common as the weather turn cold and dry.

4) Deep conditioning: Deep conditioning also maintains the moisture and elasticity of your hair. It helps prevent your hair from becoming dull.

5) Color your hair: The summer can fade away the hair color. Pamper your hair with fresh color that is either two shades lighter or darker.

6) Prevent frizzy hair: Fall not only brings with it cold weather, but also rain, which leads to frizzy hair. Some treatments include applying Vaseline and others mild beer. But you can get a good serum to style your hair. Blow drying hair also causes a frizz, but one can use a steel comb for blow drying as it absorbs the heat.

Head massage and moisturizing are two essential methods to maintaining healthy and luscious hair. Say goodbye to dull, dry and boring hair and flaunt your gorgeous locks this fall.