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While winters can be about static and hair-raising tales, the summer sun brings with it a level of humidity, perspiration and heat that can leave your strands in springy curls that aren’t of the luscious locks variety; frizz and fried, those are the words for it!

So, while styling tools serve you well in the colder months, in the summer, ditch the heat by getting rid of your blow-dryer and its cousins (tongs, straighteners, crimpers). If Victoria Beckham and her beauty entourage can’t #fightthefrizz, it’s time to accept defeat and minimize the inevitable damage.

Here’s Why You Need To Air-Dry
It’s right from when you step out of the shower that the ordeal begins. Your shampoo and conditioner have done their job by cleaning the scalp and nourishing and hydrating the strands. Now here’s what the next 10 minutes should look like:

  • Firstly, do not rough up the cuticles by towel drying your hair because this is what makes it frizzy. Gently soak up the excess water with a soft towel or a cotton t-shirt as you pat it dry.
  • Now, use a wide-tooth comb to brush out your hair in the desired style—hair parting, in-curled, out-curled, side-swept, whatever you please. This will help shape and set your locks in place.
  • Then, apply a styling product that enhances the texture of your hair. This could include volumizers, lightweight untangling serums, hair mousses, or leave-in conditioners. Use your fingers to run the product through your hair, but don’t create too much tension or stress in the strands by rustling them up. This will weigh down and straighten the ends by hydrating and coating them.
  • If you have shorter hair, chance are your strands are about 80% dry by this point; all you need is to literally air it out.
  • For those with long hair, once the hair is semi-dry, overturn it (head upside down) and comb through as you sum it up into a lose high bun, which is held together by a cloth hair-tie.
  • Leave it in place to dry, and release to the winds and natural air in 10-15 minutes.

This ritual will help minimize the frizz. You can supplement it by using a sulfate-free, glycerin-packed shampoo, conditioning thoroughly, and applying hydrating hair masks every weekend.

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