From handling a color job to making your hair grow faster, here are some tips from the A-listers.
That’s right! Now you can tame those crazy curls, fight the frizz and not have to chop off those springy locks, so long as you have a combing cream.
While the actress' hair stylist spills the beans, we teach you how to work the look on a budget.
Clips and hairbands aren't your only save. You needn't be tied down to turn a bad hair day around. Just make note of these tricks!
He's the little fellow who crops out of your mole or beauty spot. "Sorry Mr Spike, but it's time to go! Now where are those damn tweezers?"
Consider hairceuticals a kind of over-the-counter drugs, which hope to change the structure of your hair. They do for your hair, what regular shampoos and conditioners can't.
Whether you've been on a bike ride or brought half the sand from the beach in your hair, we're going to help get out of that knotty situation by giving you these 3 nifty tricks to untangle your hair with minimum breakage.
You have the paddle brush, the round brush, the teasing brush, the cushion brush and the vent brush. Find your match.
Use this simple mustard oil quick fix thrice a week to revive dull, dry and damaged tresses, reduce hair loss, and give your strands a naturally darker tint.
Yes, washing it too late or too early will cause hair fall, so unless you're really short on time, play by the rules.