Washing your hair. Sounds like a simple enough task, doesn’t it? You wet it; shampoo it; condition it—you’re done! Easy-peasy. But, there’s one thing you notice despite cleansing your hair regularly—you’re left with a greasy, almost lifeless mane by the night of your wash. What the hell!!

Now, there’s two things you need to do:

Reverse What?
Well, your shampoo and conditioning routine. That’s all there is to it. You condition your ends and leave the formula in, wash it off with water, and shampoo regularly, as you would.

But, why? Good question! The point is that no matter how much you try and wash off conditioner, its residue remains coated on your ends because that’s what it’s been designed to do. While this can be great for aged hair (the tips) that’s raggedy and straw-like, if the sebum levels in your scalp are off-balance (overproduction of oil), you’re bound to be stuck with a mane that looks weighed down, gets greasy real soon, and is almost lifeless and without motion.

Using shampoo afterward helps clean your tresses and also strips off the excess conditioner, while still giving you the benefits of hydrating your ends and untangling your strands.

In any case, be sure to restrict the use of shampoo to the crown and roots, and save the conditioner for the lengths. That’s the correct way to wash your hair.

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