Almost every other day, multiple women reach out for their curling irons, tongs, straighteners and blow dryers. All heating tools designed to manipulate your strands and give  you the desired hairstyle certainly come at a price.

From damaged follicles to torn roots and dehydrated ends, your styling entourage is causing more ruin than you realize.

Do we suggest you give up this beauty arsenal? No. But, you could now and again try some natural remedies to get the desired texture, or To Wake Up With A Gorgeous Hairstyle, Try Sleeping On It.

When you do decide to use the heavier artillery for a glamorous hairdo, here are a few tips that can help soften the blow and protect your tresses:

Temperature: The problem lies with the heat. Choose a styling tool that has different temperature settings that will not char your hair. Also, a lot of new-age blow dryers come with a cold air setting; while hair may take longer to dry, it remains undamaged.

Use Protection: Do not use your styling tools until your hair is 90 percent dry. Holding heat to wet strands will singe your tresses. Also, you must use a protective spray or serum before laying on the heat in order to prevent your ends from splitting. Some hair mist or leave-in conditioner after you’ve styled your hair will help keep your mane hydrated.

Blow Dryer: The most commonly used styling tool, blow drying your hair in sections will prevent breakage. Also, remember to buy one with a protective nozzle that ensures the dryer is at least 2 inches away from your strands at all times. Do not hold the dryer to a particular section for more than two minutes, and don’t revisit a section until it comes back to temperature.

Repair: Nurse your hair back to good health with this at-home deep conditioning session and some hair masks, once a month. They will nourish and hydrate your dried out tresses, and help lock-in the nutrients while treating split ends.

With these things in mind, remember your crowning glory deserves all the extra TLC it can get. If you’re quick to pull and tug at it for a desired hairstyle, be quick to mend the loose ends before you burn the bridges too.

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