While there’s extensive tress talk about damaged follicles, split ends, dry scalp and all the other hair problems, what if all you wanted was a simple change in your look? Coffee is a great conditioning tool to train your hair to behave the way you want, giving you the appearance you desire. Here’s how you can go from curly to straight, to voluminous with these home remedies:

Straighten Me Up
Coffee can work as a wonderful hair softener which tempers the waves of your mane, makes your hair more manageable, and frizz-free too.
Work It: Brew a strong cup of coffee and let it cool down. Pour into a spray bottle and liberally use as a hair mist. Then, massage your hair and scalp to boost blood circulation and let the roots absorb the goodness of the coffee. Thoroughly rinse, wash and comb with a flat brush to make the most of the lingering coffee aroma and the new-found softness of your tresses.


Bounce Back
There is nothing more frustrating than a lank, dull mane. This could be a result of over-exposed hair, too many treatments, or a haircut appointment that’s long over-due. Worry not, coffee can give you a temporary fix.
Work It: Wash your hair with some freshly brewed coffee and rinse well. Towel dry after making sure you remove all traces of coffee to avoid staining your towel. Use a wide-tooth hair comb to untangle your strands, and ditch the hair dryer or any other tools you use to tame your tresses.

Turn Up The Volume
If hair loss and thinning is your mane problem, this is the treatment you want. Studies suggest that caffeine stimulates hair growth and can even prevent male pattern baldness.
Work It: Simply massaging your roots with brewed coffee is good enough. Cool it down first of course.

With all these home remedies at hand, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. So the next time you put a pot on the stove, make enough to drink, and then some to dab on your tresses.

After pursuing her Masters in Journalism, Vanessa got her first big job as a health writer and since then, she has never switched paths. She has always been intrigued by the wonders of a holistic lifestyle, and believes it was destiny that led her to writing for the wellness industry. In her natural state, you can find her tucked under a blanket watching an Indie film, or reading obsessively. At Z Living, she writes about food trends and other daily life expeditions.