Baby hairs. They’re only cute on, well, babies! Gone are the days when you’d bunch up your hair in a ponytail and your mom would comb out stray strands to add to the cuteness quotient. As you grow older, they’re an annoyance, can make your forehead appear considerably stouter, make you sweat around the hair line, and totally kill the tightly pulled back, fierce updo you’ve been trying to nail.

So while they’re not really the worst, we want to tell you that there are indeed a couple of tricks you can employ to tame those strays:

Get Wet
So, one way to make sure your hair behaves is by getting it absolutely wet before you style it the way you like. And since these are fine hairs, they’re the first to interact with the elements. That being said, using a dryer is only going to dry them out and make them unruly and unmanageable. So let’s rule out heated hair appliances for now. A simple tip would be washing the hairline, or wetting it with a hair mist whenever you want to style it. Pulling your hair back and running a wet towel along the hairline will also make sure it stays in place.

On Your Marks, Set, Go
Using product is a sure-shot way to ensure you hair stays in place. But, there’s a trick to making sure the finest hairs get evenly coated with the product, and stay where they’re supposed to. The toothbrush technique is your best bet. Simply grab a toothbrush and mist the bristles with a strong-hold hair spray. Make sure the bristles are moist, but not dripping. Then, all you have to do is gently comb the hairs along the hairline, back into place.

If you’re pressed for time, opting for a side-parting and sweeping your longer strands over the baby hairs makes for an effective quick-fix. With that in mind, we’ve equipped you with yet another beauty hack to minimize your prep time!

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