In this case, there are two scenarios:

  1. You put off washing your hair for a day because you were all tied up, and now those strands look limp and dirty; anyone need some oil?
  2. The rain/snow/blowdryer has given you gravity-defying hair, and you’re hardly pleased with the results.

Both kind of bring you to the same place: Standing in front of the mirror, pinning and prodding to see if there’s some godforsaken way to manage this bad hair day.

Here are some tricks that will come handy and help you get those damn strands to cooperate.

Calm The Frizz
Your Best Bet, Tie It Up:
 The easiest way to get the frizzy strays in control is to opt for a nice updo that will benefit from the overactive energy of your strands. You could alternately try a sleek ponytail or fishtail braid if a high bun is not your style. Make use of a hair relaxer, leave-in serum or mousse to weigh down the strands.

Liven Up That Limp Hair / Face Curtain
Your Best Bet, Dry Shampoo:
 Use a dry shampoo to soak up all that excess oil from the scalp and strands, and also add a little fragrance to your hair. All you have to do is sprinkle, or spray the shampoo over your scalp, and let it absorb the oil and dirt for a few minutes—preferably five to 10 minutes. Finally, brush your hair till the shampoo isn’t visible anymore. Here’s a DIY you can try if you want to make dry shampoo at home.

From Mediocre To Fab In 5 Minutes
Your Best Bet, The Blow-Dry Trick:
 On some days, you’re not necessarily having a bad hair day, but have somewhere to be and need to look fierce. These days are common among folks who workout, as the sweat build-up leaves their hair looking dull, even on the first day of wash. Here’s a little trick: Do the power sweep.

  1. Simply section your hair into three parts using hair ties (sides and crown)
  2. Now, just shampoo the hair on the crown area in the basin.
  3. Blow-dry and style, as you normally would. You could leave it loose, or  do a quiff, a bun, whatever you please. So long as the front is bouncy and wavy, achieving the look you want is really easy.

So remember, clips and hairbands aren’t your only save. You needn’t be tied down to turn a bad hair day around!

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