Whatever your hair woes – dry, rough, frizzy, greasy, thinning, greying or riddled with dandruff – Mother Nature has all the answers.

Why herbs for hair?

Most products for hair are loaded with chemicals that strip off the natural oils produced by your scalp for natural conditioning. This leaves your hair feeling greasy. Using herbs is a good way to replenish any lost nourishment and take care of your hair in a non-abrasive way.

5 Herbs which are great for your hair

The following herbs have some great properties that are good for your hair:

  1. Stinging nettle 
  • Stimulates hair growth and also reduces hair fall.
  • Can be used in the form of hair oil or as an herbal pill.
  • Helps disinfect your scalp and improves blood circulation

How to use: Add a few leaves of this herb into a jar of olive oil. Tightly seal it and leave for about 2-3 weeks, away from any direct light. Use this oil to massage your scalp and hair regularly.

  1. Sage 
  • Has antiseptic and astringent benefits, will give you stronger and thicker hair.
  • Particularly helpful for dry, itchy scalp or dandruff.
  • Can help clean up buildup without damaging or drying out hair.

How to use: Add a tablespoon of dry sage and a black-tea bag in a mug of water. Cover and let it stay for about 15 minutes. Strain this liquid to rinse your hair.

  1. Parsley 
  • Has abundant iron and Vitamin C, which are great nutrients for your hair.
  • Will keep your hair healthier, stronger and helps reduce dandruff.

How to use: Add 2 tablespoons of crushed parsley seeds and half a cup of rosemary to a pan of boiling water. Let it stay for about 15 minutes. Once it cools down, strain the mix and massage through your hair and scalp. Wrap a towel around your hair and let it stay for some time. Let your hair dry naturally.

  1. Hibiscus 
  • Especially great for curly hair.
  • Helps in treating various scalp conditions like dandruff and hair loss.
  • Regular use will give your hair a naturally healthy shine.

How to use: In a container, take some coconut oil and add crushed petals of hibiscus flower. Boil this for about 5 minutes. Once cool, massage through your hair and scalp. You can wash it off later with lukewarm water.