With topical application, you are directly injecting your pores with anti-aging and moisturizing nutrients, and giving your skin a dose of natural oils, fatty acids, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants... 'nuff said!
You have the paddle brush, the round brush, the teasing brush, the cushion brush and the vent brush. Find your match.
As much as you dread the cycle of applying and removing makeup, its true viciousness lies within the friction burns from overworking the area.
Particularly in the summer, these discolored spots are more prominent around the high planes of your face. Here's how you can treat them.
There is such a thing as targeted skincare; that said, are hand and foot creams just marketing gimmicks to get you to buy more products?
Use this simple mustard oil quick fix thrice a week to revive dull, dry and damaged tresses, reduce hair loss, and give your strands a naturally darker tint.
Yes, washing it too late or too early will cause hair fall, so unless you're really short on time, play by the rules.
You should be able to see the difference within two weeks, so long as you apply this home remedy every third day.
The fine lines, flaky residue, yellow teeth, dark patches... after this, would you dare look at yourself closely in the mirror? If you need us to make a stronger case, read this.
You hoard travel-sized product samples, carry most of your luggage weight in your vanity case, and can tell one brand apart from the other, just by its packaging; or, can you?