Sick of constantly worrying about how she looked each morning before leaving for the office, how late the adding or subtracting to each outfit
Kim's Rude Awakenings's host Kim Woodburn has devised a foolproof, easy way to get your fridge clean as a whistle. And this cleaning method doesn’t involve any fancy, harmful, expensive chemicals or cleaning agents. Watch the video above to see Kim Woodburn's best tricks for cleaning your refrigerator naturally.
Unless you’re already living a minimalist life, the chances that you have clutter in your home are pretty high. The need to de-clutter is clearly a nationwide issue. Anyone who’s ever had to navigate a child’s playroom knows that this is no way to live.
Having bugs in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re dirty ... but it sure does make you feel kinda gross, right? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of every kind of creepy-crawly in your home and not all of them involve toxic chemicals. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, non-toxic and easy way to solve your bug problem, we've got a clever all-natural bug-catching DIY solution for you. And it's tried and tested from none other Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity and the master of bug trapping, Kim Woodburn, the host and straight-talking lady behind our show Kim's Rude Awakenings.
Is it hard to find your own face in your mirror lately? If your mirror is dusty, suffering from toothpaste specks, or just streaky, we have the easy cleaning lifehack to make your mirror the cleanest of them all. Best of all, it's an all-natural, non-toxic, and even cheap solution: vinegar! Of course, we got this pro tip from Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn. She’s cleaned the dirtiest houses as the host and straight-talking tough-love lady behind our show Kim's Rude Awakenings. On the show, she attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families and, yes, she runs into her fair share of dirty windows and mirrors. Check out more about the show here, and find out where you can tune in.
A creative duo with two small children, Eric and Jessica Hurd are drowning in chaos ... but had the foresight to ask for help clearing, cleaning, and ultimately forming better household habits.To their rescue? Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn, the host and straight-talking tough love lady behind our show Kim's Rude Awakenings, who attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families. Check out more about the show here, and find out where you can tune in. Check out the video above to see a sneak peek of the Hurd family's own "awakening" -- and how they turn their lives around. 
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