Unless your styling tool is in top form, you're hair is destined for breakage and damage, albeit in a slow and unnerving manner.
Nope, it is not the same as an at-home hair spa or deep conditioning treatment. Here's what you need to do.
The key to some inherent strengthening is to try some nail soaks that exfoliate, fight bacteria and improve the flexibility of your talons.
The next time you have your headphones on, notice the increased perspiration in specific acne-prone areas.
We really are intrigued by latest internet sensation Brittney, who's found a the perfect hack to curl your hair within seconds.
Yet another tangent of the double-cleansing skincare routine, it feeds on the premise that your existing beauty regime is just not enough.
If the protein unscrambler can translate into practical use, it would most likely result in a product that could reverse damage to hair or skin.
We agree the prospect of aging can be quite disconcerting. The idea is to manage the inevitable rather than fret over its irreversible state of existence.
The interactive Beautification machine that debuted at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015, is a comment on the interaction between humans and machines.
Sometimes, your skin needs more to treat the additional layers you've lapped up in the name of vanity.