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In the last decade, the shift to natural food products has been rampant and well-adopted by consumers. Now, the beauty industry wants to offer the same by providing customers with natural makeup products they can feel good about using.

In the past, makeup has often been filled with toxic ingredients and chemicals that irritate the skin and/or hurt the environment. But like the food industry, the big beauty brands have come to realize the benefits of natural makeup and have jumped onboard with the natural product trend.

Natural Makeup – Why Is It Better?

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you’ve probably had the experience of trying a new product only to find your skin irritated, or worse, have experienced an allergic reaction. Many people make the switch to natural makeup or organic makeup because it’s often gentler on the skin.

While you don’t digest makeup, there’s still a process called dermal absorption, where what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your system. That’s why many still care about the ingredients in makeup and whether there’s anything toxic in them.

10 Natural Makeup Products

Thankfully, the shift to chemical free makeup isn’t limited to just one makeup brand, so the availability and selection of natural makeup are plentiful and varied. Here are 10 natural makeup products you’ll want to try if you’re looking to cleanse your beauty drawer:

1. Alima Pure powder foundation

The brand’s products are created for lighter skin tones and are never made with any synthetic dyes, but instead just a handful of natural, high-quality ingredients.

alima pure powder foundation
photo via Alima Pure

2. Ilia tinted lip conditioners and lipsticks

Ilia offers completely organic products with ingredients that are sourced from organic farmers then manufactured in an organic-certified lab.

Ilia tinted lip conditioner
photo via Ilia Beauty

3. Josie Maran tinted moisturizer

The brand’s tinted moisturizers are offered in a range of colors that work from light to dark skin tones. They’re also made with organic argan oil and free of any synthetic materials.

josie maran tinted moisturizer
photo via Amazon

4. W3ll People mascara

There’s finally a mascara for people with sensitive eyes or people who wear contact lenses. The brand’s long-lasting mascara not only lifts and defines lashes, it’s also really easy to rinse off at the end of the day.

W3ll people mascara
photo via W3ll People

5. Suntegrity sunscreen and primer

This all-in-one product is awesome for getting your sun protection, moisturization, and makeup priming done in one shot. It will help nourish your skin and even out the texture.

Suntegrity moisturizer
photo via Suntegrity

6. Kjaer Weis highlighter

This creamy highlighter is incredibly light and works well for light to medium skin tones. The highlighter has a slightly warm, pink tint to it, giving the face a natural, shimmery glow.

Kjaer Weis highlighter
photo via Kjaer Weis

7. Rms Beauty eyeshadow

Rms Beauty’s makeup is a staple in the beauty industry and a favorite of celebrities and professional makeup artists. The same is true for their eyeshadows, which are highly pigmented and all natural in ingredients.

Rms Beauty eyeshadows
photo via Rms Beauty

8. Beautycounter lipstick and blush

When Beautycounter first launched, they outright banned over 1,500 chemicals from ever being used in their products in their commitment to go natural. Their lipsticks and blushes are subtle, yet effective in giving a natural tint and sheen to your lips and cheeks.

Beautycounter blush
photo via Beautycounter

9. Dr. Hauschka eyeshadows

This brand started out as a skincare brand, so the eyeshadows not only feel soft and blend in easily, they’ll also soothe and tone the skin around the eyes.

Dr. Hauschka eyeshadow
photo via Dr. Hauschka

10. Jane Iredale eyeliner

Jane Iredale’s eyeliner makes applying eyeliner feel like a total breeze. Using the hypoallergenic eyeliner always results in a smoky and soft look for the eyes.

Jane Iredale eyeliner
photo via Jane Iredale



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