Your body is designed to sweat. It’s annoying, but true.

“Sweat is your lymphatic system’s way of eliminating waste and toxins,” explains Cicely Everson, holistic health educator and founder of Tao Holistics. “If the sweat isn’t coming out, those toxins are staying in your body.”

Most run-of-the-mill deodorants use aluminum to prevent perspiration which, studies have shown, puts you at an increased risk for heavy metal toxicity and cancers.

“Metals such as aluminum can accumulate in the body and wreak havoc on its systems, causing everything from arthritis and fibromyalgia to various forms of cancer and skin disorders,” confirms Everson.

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But don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you have to walk through life as one big sweaty mess. There’s a whole world of natural fragrances out there; ones that are free of aluminum and other parabens, unnecessary dyes and synthetic perfumes. Here are a few to consider.

Ava Anderson non-toxic organic

Celebrities like Kelly Preston love this line of organic and non-toxic products. The Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Organic Deodorant ($25.95), made with coconut oil, beeswax and peppermint essential oil, comes in eco-friendly packaging. Did I mention Ava is a college student who started the line when she was 14? Available at AvaAnderson.

Kiss My Face Active Life Stick Deodorant
Kiss My Face’s Active Life Stick Deodorant ($5.99) is a combination of all-natural, corn-derived propanediol and botanicals like coriander and thyme. The petroleum-free formula includes baking soda for absorbency and is void of artificial colors and fragrances. Available at Whole Foods and KissMyFace.

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On
Free of aluminum chlorhydrate and parabens, Kiss My Face Liquid Roll-On deodorant ($5.99) neutralizes your body’s acids and sweat with mineral salt and plant extracts. There’s a fragrance-free option, as well as lavender and cucumber green tea scents. Available at Whole Foods and KissMyFace.

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Miessence roll-on
Stay naturally fresh with Miessence Roll-On Tahitian Breeze Deodorant ($10), a warm and balmy floral and citrus blend of ylang ylang, lime and patchouli. Even without aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants, it’s an effective solution for the most active people! Available at Miessence.

Funk butter by Oyin Handmade
With a name like this one, a girl’s got to be intrigued by Funk Butter by Oyin Handmade ($5.49). Luckily, this all-natural cream-to-powder deodorant walks the walk. Micro-fine vegetable powders and Kaolin clay make it odor- and moisture-absorbent. Available at OyinHandmade.

Weleda ditrus deodorant
Weleda Citrus Deodorant ($8) can be used under your arms and as a full-body aromatherapy spray. Lemon peel packs a two-fold punch: acting as a cool and airy perfume as well as a purifying disinfectant. There’s no trace of risky aluminum salts, so your body’s natural detoxification process is supported.

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LAVANILA the healthy deodorant
Using beta-glucan technology, LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant ($14) is clinical-strength and goes on clean with none of that annoying, sticky wetness. It’s a favorite among dermatologists and its long lasting formula is made without parabens, sulfates, petro-chemicals or synthetic dyes. Available at Sephora.

Dirty beauty skincare natural deodorant
Believe it or not, sweat is your body’s way of purifying itself. If you’re looking for an odor-busting product that doesn’t block perspiration, check out Dirty Beauty Skincare Natural Deodorant ($8). It’s made with plant-based ingredients, coconut oil and therapeutic clays. Available at DirtyBeauty.

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