Do you recognize the ghastly person looking back at you in the mirror the morning after a party? The one with sunken eyes, graying skin, and smeared makeup?

Well, all those drinks you were knocking back to shed your inhibitions probably left you too inebriated to take off your makeup; worse, has now damaged your skin’s balance from the inside out, making the surface an ironic contradiction to the picture perfect face you put on yesterday.

Here’s why alcohol is to blame for your morning-after skin woes:

Dry Skin: Ever notice how you use the restroom to relieve yourself more often when you’ve been drinking? Well, the hepatotoxin in alcohol severely dehydrates your body and skin, making your pores larger, skin inflamed and itchy, and complexion sallow.  It also makes your skin vulnerable to bacteria, and leads to premature aging lines.

Puffy Eyes: Alcohol widens the vessels, increasing the flow of blood all over. If you’re a  frequent drinker, over a period of time the blood vessels will get damaged and start to leak into the tissue. This is the reason your skin appears swollen, and eyes look puffy. Needless to say, the long-term damage is severe and irreversible.

Hair Loss: Don’t think your hair is spared when you’ve been drinking. Dehydrated tresses take a sever beating that causes split ends, damaged cuticles and scalp dryness (leads to dandruff). And let’s not forget all the blow-drying and hair brushing you’ve subjected your strands too, just before heading out; but that’s a topic for another day.

Are we suggesting that you lose the booze? No. Maybe moderate your intake, take extra care of your skin before and after drinking, have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol, and indulge in these Bedtime Beauty Habits That Will Make You A Morning Person.

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