Well, we’ve already discussed how coffee can be used to manipulate your hair texture and makes for a great core ingredient in hair masks to restore the glossiness in your mane. Now, we take a look at the benefits of applying coffee on the skin, and how you can make its many antioxidants work in your favor.

Inflammation: If you have to tackle a puffy face every morning, try this natural, homemade coffee scrub. The anti-inflammatory properties in caffeine will help reduce swelling and redness, and restore the color  in your sallow skin.

Dark Circles: Caffeine reduces the build-up of blood under your eyes by improving the circulation. For an even-toned skin apply this coffee scrub that has additional ingredients to get rid of blemishes.

Cellulite: Apply a cream that has caffeine and it will reduce the appearance of cellulite by 17 percent. Caffeine reduces the size of fat cells that create these unsightly marks. For a natural solution, try this coffee scrub.

That said, remember that consuming too much coffee isn’t all that great for your skin or your hair. While we discuss that at length later, for now stick to topical applications that have been moderated to provide you multiple beauty benefits.