The superfood helps you maintain a flawless complexion and a great head of hair; walnuts are also great for weight watchers. Here's why.
Nitika Chopra of the show Naturally Beautiful highlights various methods to enable the people with busy professional lives attain a beautiful look, quickly.
You don't want to ruin that perfectly drawn cat-eye, or temper the sun-kissed blush by reapplying sunblock. But, who said you have to choose between one and the other?
Known for its eco-friendly line of household and baby products, the brand is venturing into the world of beauty with the actor-turned-CEO Jessica Alba at the helm of things.
It is the process of using two masks consecutively or simultaneously to treat different areas of the face as needed.
Foods with a high glycemic index speed up the skin aging process and propel acne breakouts.
Come January and the actress will roll out her very own skincare line, which no doubt will revel in organic goodness and all-things-natural.
The app offers a personal integrated health assessment and a variety of programs designed to help you reach any, or all of your fitness goals.
Basking in the sun does have its perks. It also means summer dresses and tiny shorts, which bring with them the need for hair removal. Here's what you should do.
The device comes fitted with a number of sensors that analyze and send a skin evaluation to a mobile app on your smartphone.