That moment of humming with your eyes closed as a small piece of dark chocolate explodes in your mouth—well, we encourage you to savor that feeling a million times over.

Studies suggest that dark chocolate is a great indulgence for those who want to lose weight and fix their beauty woes, what with all the antioxidants and flavonoids it packs in. Let’s dig deeper to find out how it works in your favor:

Skincare: Dark chocolate works as a natural drug to clear and repair the cardiovascular system, which has a visible effect on your appearance. The end result is a powerhouse ingredient that protects you from sun damage, detoxes your skin, and prevents the appearance of fine lines and aging, by enabling better blood circulation and detoxing your body and skin from the inside out.

Haircare: One of the primary causes of hair loss is zinc deficiency, and guess what, unsweetened dark chocolate is a great way to boost your zinc levels. Treating yourself occasionally is a great way to improve your hair growth and density, and add some luster to your tresses.

Weight Loss: Researchers have outlined that dark chocolate as a snack is quite filling, and can significantly curb your appetite, particularly for other sweet and salty foods. You feel full for longer which discourages impulsive and untimely snacking. About 6g of dark chocolate per day is all you need.

Now make note that dark chocolate is characterized by 70% cocoa content. Anything less than that will not work in your favor. Also, this does not give you a free pass to OD on chocolate; but a square every day? Sure, go for it!

With a Masters in English literature, Trina Remedios has spent her recent years extensively writing about health and fitness, with a keen interest in the beauty segment as well. While her high calorific lunches are positively deceiving, her inner hippie takes to the city roads and can run circles around most marathoners. Follow her for beauty hacks, natural fixes, fitness fads, celebrity trends, and wellness tips.