Foundation, lip liner, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, compact, loose powder… phew! Have we gotten to the bottom of your vanity kit yet? Most women are familiar with these cosmetics, for they help bring out your best features while concealing and minimizing your flaws. But, are these quick-fixes pulling you into a cyclical tumbler by doing more damage than good? Well, at least that’s what the 5:2 skin diet followers believe.

Much like you detox your body, this diet wants you to stay off your beauty products to give your skin the chance to clean itself, from the inside out.

It states that in a bid to put your best face forward every morning (through makeup), you wind up clogging your pores right from the word go, as you lap on a host of cosmetics when you step out of a cleansing shower.

Now they don’t expect you to ditch the makeup altogether, but consider this a spin-off on the 80:20 weight-loss diet. The 5:2 skin diet recommends you stave off the makeup, two days in a week; they needn’t be consecutive. The purging promotes production of healthy skin cells, which reduces fine lines and enhances your inherent glow. But, dermatologists are not completely convinced.

Skin problems arise when we do not wash our face properly and do not clean out the makeup thoroughly. This leads to a build-up of dead cells that clog the pores and inflame the skin. Also, two days without makeup in the week does not cut it. Your skin needs weeks to completely heal (as is apparent with scar tissues).

That said, the 5:2 skin diet is yet another tangent of the double-cleansing skincare routine, both of which feed on the premise that your existing beauty regime is just not enough.

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