When you are genetically predisposed to have sensitive skin, then the regular rules of skincare do not apply to you. For the longest time, I believed my skin could be better if I used a face wash twice a day, moisturized at regular intervals, applied sunscreen before stepping out, used a night cream at bedtime, or even an under eye cream when I began noticing fine lines. I have all these products and more… lip balm, sunscreen for lips, a scrub, a bleach, essential oils, all of them!

Needless to say, I hoard in the quest to find some permutation-combination which will help make my sensitive skin behave.

The Products Were Not Met With A Warm Reception
Dry, patchy, itchy, inflamed and burning and breaking out all over the place, my skin was in one foul mood for what seemed like a decade. Even the mildest products made from natural ingredients couldn’t rescue me from looking like a red hot target. Everything I did to fix the problem only seemed to make it worse.

Taking My Temperamental Skin To The Dermat
It was time to call in the big guns. They say you’re supposed to visit a dermatologist, at least once a year—but does anyone, really? I learned the hard way and the visit prompted a complete overhaul of my skincare routine!

Doctor’s Orders
I learned that my skin is not a canvas for trial and error, and not everything off the shelves goes. I was prescribed a cleanser for sensitive skin that I have to use once in the morning, and once at night. This is followed up by a moisturizer meant for my skin type.

The clincher? No face wash—wait, what? I understand that cleanser has the word clean somewhere in there, but isn’t face wash like the first step to a good skincare routine? I’d use mine three times a day. Also, am I the only one who is suspicious of products that don’t lather? 

What’s more is that the products that were prescribed were not under any commercial or known brands, leave alone endorsed by celebrities. Hmmm… plot thickens.

The Outcome
I wasn’t allowed to use any other products on my face and neck except these two (cleanser and moisturizer), save for the cotton wipes I used to sweep my skin clean with the products. Two weeks, really; that’s all it took. No more dry flakes, burning pores, weird red patches—heck, even my pimples seemed to be missing conspicuously.

Why A Cleanser Is Enough
A cleanser removes the excess oil without dehydrating your skin. It doesn’t superficially clean your face; the use of a cotton wipe helps you really get in there and take care of makeup residue and dirt. The alcohol content will help kill bacteria and germ build-up.

Not An A-Grade Student, But I Try..
So the doctor said, no sunscreen yet, and absolutely no makeup. This is where I slip up. I am conditioned to wearing sunscreen, which I just can’t seem to let go of. As for makeup, I use powder-based products to keep it light and steer clear of cosmetics unless necessary.

Disclaimer: Please note that this was my personal experience. I recommend you consult a dermatologist before committing to any products or a new skincare routine. 

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