reapply sunscreen and not mess you makeup at work

The thumb rule for using sunscreen is to apply it every couple of hours for complete protection. This is very doable when you are lounging on the beach or are sprawled out and relaxing somewhere. But the true challenge is in lapping up another layer when you’re at work, out for a Sunday brunch, or on a shopping spree. Surely you don’t want to ruin that perfectly drawn cat-eye, smudge your kohl, or temper the sun-kissed blush you spent so long applying. When it comes to choosing between being impeccably made up and skincare, the former always wins!

But why trade short-term games for long-term damage? Of course there is a way to reapply your sunscreen without ruining your makeup. Here are some of the best-kept beauty secrets every smart girl should know. Psst… spread the word.

Use A Face Mist: Buy, or make, a face mist packed with ingredients that dominate screening solutions. If you have dry skin, select a mist that will lock in the moisture—preferably products that contain hyaluronic acid. There are several sun sprays, but of the lot, Coola and Kiss My Face are among our favorites for their natural ingredients.

Powder Up: Similarly, using a pressed powder with mattifying properties backed by sun protection (SPF) is a good way to go. This will help temper the shine on your T-zone, while also protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. Get a smooth finish with natural matte powders from NYCChanel, and the likes.


Wipe It Off: Well, there are two variants of such products. The first is basic wipes that are infused with SPF and hydrate your skin, such as these ones right here; the second is blotting sheets for makeup, which lift the oil from the skin, but not the water, and often come with some basic SPF strength. M.A.C, Neutrogena, Shiseido, Clean & Clear, and many others have blotting films.

Lastly, remember that reapplication of sunscreen warrants smaller concentrations. So, as long as you’ve lapped up the right amount and potency in the morning before putting on you’re makeup, these little add-ons will see you through the day just fine.

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