Here’s 6 Of The Weirdest, Wildest Yoga Classes Ever

Wed, Apr 5th 2017

Z Living Staff

If you think yoga is all about wholesome health nuts doing bendy stretches and ohms, think again. Yoga's gone into the mainstream, yes, but it's also gone way, way beyond it. And variations on the ancient practice have greatly diversified into new iterations and cultures. Consider: Practioners today are doing yoga with cute animals, while nude, and with marijuana offered up right in class … plus a whole lot more. 

No matter choice of practice, we're for anything that gets people out on the mat. That’s what our popular show and at-home yoga class Namaste Yoga is all about. Try routines guided by accomplished yogis, shot in gorgeous natural settings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about the show and watch clips here, plus find out where you can tune in.

If you’re also curious about new, unique experiences, here are six of the weirdest yoga classes out there right now: 

1. Rage Yoga

Image @rageyogafacebook

Off the bat, rage yoga feels contradictory. Then, if you think about the catharsis that comes with letting out a loud obscenity, or scream, it starts to make sense. This trend gained a lot of popularity in Calgary last year, when the Internet discovered Lindsay Istace’s classes that combine classic yoga poses with swear words, obscene gestures, and beer. 

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2. Naked Yoga


Bold and Naked studio in New York City has taken the bold-and-naked step of providing nude, co-ed yoga classes. Also offering private sessions, the yoga classes has received rave testimonials saying the practice lets guests check their egos at the door, feel equal to their classmates, and feel empowered. 

3. Ganja Yoga

Image @evensi

Goda Yoga in LA County’s Burbank made news last year when they introduced a weed-and-yoga class, which includes group smoking sessions. Some people who’ve tried it say that THC helps them follow along and achieve deeper meditations at the end of class.

And btw, for those who like the idea of catching a buzz during a yoga class, "beer yoga" is also a blossoming movement. 

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4. Snowga

Outdoor wellness center, gear rental outlet, and adventure company Flow Outside created "Snowga" at its home on the southern border of Montana. The snowshoeing-yoga hybrid classes include a warm-up snowshoe trek to a scenic destination followed by a snow-top yoga class. 

5. Yoga With Animals

Image @sobadsogood

Yoga studios around the world have adopted animal-friendly classes over the past year or so. No Regrets Farm in Oregon went viral for their yoga-with-goats classes this past fall. A movement of yoga with dogs known as "Doga" recently took off in North Carolina, and studios that let cats roam around during classes are also becoming more and more popular. 

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6. Yoga In Your Living Room

It’s not breaking news that you can take your yoga classes with a televised instructor from the comfort of your own living room, but that doesn't change how bizarre it is. It’s especially nice when you can practice with world-class instructors with gorgeous natural backdrops, like on our show Namaste Yoga

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