Holistic Dentistry

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Holistic dentistry is an alternate form of dentistry used in dental care. This is an approach that takes into consideration the dental health of the patient in the context of his or her overall health including emotional and physical well-being. Many question the difference between holistic and traditional dentistry and it is certainly not easy to categorize a dentist as holistic or traditional just based on their dental practices.

What Is Holistic Dentistry And Where Did It Originate?
The word “Holistic Dentistry” is derived for the word “Wholistic” which means “the whole”. A holistic dental practitioner will help patients understand the importance of overall health besides advocating how dental health will help in improving the overall health. The traditional dentistry training does not include what a dentist can do for overall health of a patient and hence the field of “Holistic Dentistry” was formed.

A true holistic dentist practices the dentistry that is good for the overall health of the patient. A typical or traditional dentist concentrates just on the teeth and gums but a holistic dentist concentrates on teeth, gums, neck, eyes, ears and the whole body and hence the name “Wholistic” is justified.

How Is It Beneficial?
There are numerous benefits of holistic dentistry and here are some reasons why one should consider this form of dental practice:

  • Holistic dentistry is clean and toxin free. This method of dentistry avoids the use of any materials that are toxic and harmful to the human body like anesthesia. People who feel nervous about consulting a dentist prefer this holistic approach.
  • It is a holistic process which concentrates on all parts of the human body rather than just the mouth and oral health.
  • This approach also gives a patient relief from mood disorders, sinusitis, heart burn, vomiting, fatigue and skin disorders like rashes. It also  improves concentration levels.
  • This process does not promise a quick fix to one’s oral problems but will work on long term treatments that can help the patient get rid of the actual oral problem.

Efficacy Studies And Research
There were many studies conducted on this alternate form of dentistry by Holistic Dentist Association and  several other dental health bodies. They concluded that holistic dentistry is 90 per cent better than the traditional dentistry. These studies show that there is a relation between gums and heart related diseases, pregnancy and diabetes. Besides taking good care of oral health, holistic dentistry has been proven to treat mood disorders and heart related problems effectively.

How Is It Practiced?

  • Proper diet and nutritional food is prescribed to avoid dental diseases
  • No toxic materials or other regular dental materials are used during the entire treatment process
  • Malocclusion dental problems are treated and prevented
  • All gum related diseases are also treated

How To Access This Treatment?
In order to get started on holistic dental cleaning you should approach a trained holistic dentist who is well versed in the complete process of holistic dentistry.

You can also get some tips and suggestions to follow at home for overall oral care.

Safety And Contraindications
No adverse effects have been reported and it is said to be a completely safe procedure.


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