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Magnetotherapy or magnet therapy is a kind of alternative method to heal ailments with the use of static magnetic fields. The experts of magnet therapy vouch for the many benefits to human body when specific parts are exposed to magneto static fields produced by large magnets. The exposure is said to yield significant health benefits.

As compared to other forms of alternative medicines, magnetotherapy is relatively new. The modern version had picked up better response in the recent times. Some of the references to this form of healing have been stated to be referred in Atharvaveda, the ancient Indian Vedic text on healing. New research on magnet properties and health started in sixteenth century. A swiss physician and an Alchemist by name Paracelo studied and highlighted the therapeutic efficacies of a magnet. Come 1700, Dr Samuel Hanemann, father of homeopathy was totally convinced about the subject. In the modern times, Michael Faraday conducted mainstream principle research on electricity. He was the first to study about magnetic force from Europe. Post his studies, Faraday stated that every aspect in this universe is magnetic one way or the other and responds to a magnetic field.

Benefits Of Magnetotherapy
Below are some benefits of magnet therapy in healing.

  • Relieves pains
  • Enhances the healing process
  • Improves the oxygenation of body tissues
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Stimulates resorption of edema
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Stimulates the body’s endocrine system
  • Repairs damages body tissues
  • Has analgesic and aesthetic effects
  • Helps heal ligament and bone fractures
  • Treats muscle weaknesses and other lacerations

How Is Magnetotherapy Performed?
The entire principle of therapy is based around specific parts of body that respond to magnetic field. Special pre-programmed magnetic therapy devices are used for the process. These devices contain one or two magnetic spreaders that are placed on the specific areas of the body requiring healing.

  • The device is then set at low frequency to cure the particular condition by a professional therapist.
  • The electromagnetic waves emitted from the positive magnetic field start accelerating the biological processes. This leads to the regeneration of body cells.
  • The North Pole or the negative pole of the magnet is said to be soothing. It is said to inhibit the toxic processes within the body, reducing pain and inflammations.

Magnetotherapy is also done via various magnet therapy products available with the practitioner or in the market. These include magnetic straps for ankles, wrists, magnetic blankets, mattresses, creams, plasters and patches etc. A consultation with the therapist is recommended to know what works better for an individual.

Studies Related To Its Efficacy
There have been several studies ongoing around the concept of magnetic field and healing process. It was quite difficult to substantiate evidence as magnetic attraction on ferrous or iron containing objects that can be easily detected was not completely evident in the patients receiving the treatment against the placebo. Long term health benefits from the treatment have also not been substantiated. Even though therapy had been recommended for cancer and other chronic diseases, there is no adequate scientific research available to cite the same.

Any Contraindications or Risks

There have been no significant contraindications or risks felt in those who underwent the therapy for pain management.


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