Pyramid healing

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Origins, benefits, efficacy and methodology

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are one of the famous ancient monuments all over the world, with their origin, architecture and religion shrouded in mystery. It has been found that when pyramid models with proportional dimensions are centered on the true north-south axis, similar to the pyramids of Egypt, an energy field is generated within them. Thus, the pyramids of Egypt have been built with such geometrical and mathematical accuracy that an energy force is engrained inside them. This active energy force can benefit the living as well as non-living.

What is Pyramid healing? Where did it originate?
It is believed that the mysterious powers of the Pyramid have the ability to accelerate wound healing. Many articles in the popular press claim that the energy force within a Pyramid is greater inside as compared outside. This energy field has the ability to produce healing states or healthier states. It is said that the frequencies generated within a Pyramid raise the resonant level of the tissues, cells and organs nearer to their optimal level of functioning.

Phenomena such as sharpening of razors, altered states of consciousness in humans and longer shelf life of vegetables have been observed within a Pyramid environment.

The Pyramid healing model is based on the principle of universal polarity, which also forms the roots of many eastern and western philosophies (Yin-Yang, inhaling-exhaling, male-female). The upper Pyramid represents the tendency towards harmony and balance between opposite poles; this accelerates healing and growth. The lower half of the Pyramid represents lack of awareness and connection between opposing poles. The connection in the upper half exists because of a dialectic movement that creates a flow between poles. The midline in the center of the Pyramid represents the balance that exists between the two poles.

How is Pyramid healing beneficial?
Many cultures use Pyramids to encourage growth, vitality and production.

Here is a list of conditions that Pyramid healing can treat:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Common cold
  • General fatigue

Studies or research on efficacy
The claims about Pyramid healing are semi-scientific. The exact mode of action of Pyramid healing is yet to be scientifically evaluated.

  • Previous studies conducted on collagen formation in rats kept inside Pyramid models showed better wound healing.
  • Bhat et. al. reported that the exposure of rats in a Pyramid environment increases antioxidant levels, hence oxidative stress is reduced.

How is Pyramid therapy done?
The actual method in which Pyramid healing is done varies from practitioner to practitioner. Some practitioners use a blend of scented herbs that are believed to help the patient calm down and relax. Other practitioners use scented candles or incense for the same reason.

The patient is placed in such a place where he or she is exposed to plenty of sunlight. The practitioner holds a small Pyramid in his or her hands. This Pyramid may either be gently applied to the surface of the skin or made to hover just above the skin. The approach varies depending on the healer.

This technique allows energy to be channelized to the patient and the root cause of any imbalances in the patient’s body is eliminated.

Other healers may have different approaches. Some may chant mantras while moving the Pyramid over the body of the patient. This helps the mind to focus and connect with the universal consciousness. Soft music may also be played in the background to help the patient relax and help him or her to concentrate.

Usually, Pyramid healing is used as a stand-alone approach, without the use of additional techniques or strategies.

How can you get started with this therapy?
You can avail the benefits of Pyramid healing by wearing jewelry shaped in the form of a Pyramid. One can wear an amulet with an engraving of a Pyramid on it, or a small Pyramid can be strung onto a chain and worn around the neck. For best results, the Pyramid should be made using natural materials such as wood, glass or stone. The glass should be blown using pure sand. This is because natural materials are the most efficient channels to universal energy.

Wearing the Pyramid such that it is always in contact with your body ensures that there is a continuous flow of energy into your body, preventing illnesses.

Precautions, Contraindications and Risks
So far, no major risks or contraindications have been identified in association with Pyramid therapy.


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