Quantum Healing

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Quantum Healing – Origin, Benefits, Efficacy, Methodology
There are many approaches to healing, whether it is for relatively minor conditions such as warts to more serious ones such as diabetes and cancer. In physics, the word “quantum” refers to the “smallest quantity of radiant energy.” In English, “quantum” refers to “a sudden and significant change.”1

What Is Quantum Healing? Where Did It Originate?
Quantum healing involves making small changes in order to generate larger and more significant results. These results can be subtle or can be visible, but they both promote healing.

Quantum healing can begin with something as small as a thought, a memory, an image or an act. This small event leads to a ripple effect internally. For instance:

  • The positive thought that you are loved leads to changes in brain chemistry.
  • It causes electrolytes such as sodium and potassium to reach the site of a nerve cell.
  • This, in turn, stimulates the flow of a mood-altering hormone called serotonin between the nerve cells.
  • The flow of serotonin triggers a wide variety of reactions throughout the body.

How Is Quantum Healing Beneficial?
Quantum healing is beneficial in the following ways.

  • Eases stress and restores mental peace
  • Eliminates bad habits and unconscious patterns by channelizing energy in the correct paths
  • Heals the hurt suffered from past relationships
  • Treats insecurity
  • Treats lost voice

Studies/Research On The Efficacy Of Quantum Healing

Randomized clinical studies have not been conducted to test the efficacy of quantum healing.

How Is Quantum Healing Performed?

The seven spokes of the quantum healing wheel are involved in treating various conditions.

  • Body/Root Chakra – It acts to ingest physical substances like supplements and food, to correct the underlying physiological reason for the disorder in the body.
  • Emotions/Sacral Chakra – It acts to substitute uplifting emotional patterns for unhealthy people.
  • Mind/Solar Plexus Chakra – It acts to substitute life- and health-promoting mental patterns for outdated ones.
  • Love/Heart Chakra – It acts to take unconditional love from nature and the healing within plants or flowers.
  • Expression/Throat Chakra – It acts to put into words any affirming sentences via the voice or the written word in order to check unhealthy thoughts and emotions.
  • Imagination/Third Eye Chakra – It acts to view an intended outcome. It can tap into the healing properties of the body through guided imagery.
  • Connection/Crown Chakra – It is associated with meditation, prayer, and silence.1

The zero point method of quantum healing is the simplest of quantum healing techniques.

  • We do not need to touch any point on the body.
  • We start with our own pure consciousness.
  • To ignite the bioplasma flame in the pituitary gland, we need to focus on the heart chakra because life energy exists there as long as we are living.
  • Next, we imagine that the light and energy of this flame flows to the place where it is required.
  • We should imagine this place to be the spot with the greatest amount of light and energy.
  • In our body, there is always a chakra that is the strongest.  This depends on our spiritual development.
  • From this spot, we need to connect to the place that has to be healed.2

The one point method of quantum healing can be applied if we have produced a high concentration of biophoton energy within our body.

  • The inner side of the left hand is placed on the heart chakra.
  • The right hand is used to touch the spot on the body that we want to heal.
  • The bioplasma energy is absorbed from the heart chakra and is transferred to the spot that needs healing.2

How Can People Get Started With Quantum Healing?

People who have had some experience with spiritual transformation methods over a specific period of time come to make the observation that life energy is concentrated in special areas of the body. Apart from the energy channels and the acupuncture meridians, there are 7 main energy centers in the human body. In these centers, the vital energy of the quantum biophotons is distributed and made to flow in the body.2

According to Eastern teachings, these energy centers are called chakras. The whirl of energy in these chakras unfolds from the spine to the front of the body. The flow of energy also moves upwards from the crown chakra toward the skull.2

In order to make the energy channels develop between the centers, the opening of the acupuncture meridians and the upright posture of the spine is important.

  • Silent meditation and upright posture helps provide a clear path for the flow of energy of the essence electrons by preventing a shift in individual vertebrae.2

Any Precautions, Contraindications, Or Interactions
Quantum healing treatments have not been associated with any serious side effects.


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