Your Guide To Morning Sickness & How To Deal

Fri, Sep 8th 2017

Z Living Staff

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The recent Kate Middleton news has us all thinking about morning sickness, and how to manage it in natural, healthy ways. Since Z Living’s series I Beat The Odds profiles people overcoming debilitating illnesses with natural and alternative treatments, we put together a guide to understanding morning sickness with some natural remedies thrown in.

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First, What’s The Kate Middleton News?

For those who don’t know, Princess Kate is pregnant with her third child, and from that, she has come down with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is an intense morning-sickness condition. The resulting nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration and weight loss, and since there’s no cure, it’s important to treat the symptoms as best as possible.

Having worked through a pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum before, we know that Princess Kate will fight hard through this tough time. For others who are struggling with this condition, or your own issues with morning sickness, this guide might be of some help.

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Morning Sickness FAQs

How Long Does Morning Sickness Last?

According to BabyCenter, “The nausea of morning sickness can usually start around six weeks into pregnancy, but it can begin as early as four weeks. It tends to get worse over the next month or so. About half the women who get nausea during pregnancy feel complete relief around 14 weeks.”

Why Does Morning Sickness Happen? 

A first-trimester issue, morning sickness happens because your body is dealing with an influx of hormones and it doesn’t know what to do with them. There’s no clear scientific stance on whether nausea is a good-or-bad sign for pregnancy.

Is It Something I Should Be Worried About?

Morning sickness is a common part of pregnancy, and generally is not something that you should be too worried about. Although, in certain extreme cases, like with Princess Kate’s Hyperemesis Gravidarum, you do have to be careful of dehydration and too much weight loss. If your morning sickness ever feels unbearable, be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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How You Can Naturally Fight Morning Sickness

You can turn to the many natural herbs to manage morning sickness and nausea out there, when those stomach aches kick in. Some highly-regarded options include ginger-root tea, peppermint tea, and wild yam roots. 


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