SLIDESHOW: 10 Non-Candy Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

by Charlotte Edwards

Non-Candy Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Friendship Bracelets
Temporary Tattoos
Valentine's Paraphernalia
Valentine's Day Balloons
School Spirit Swag
Single-Serve Healthy Snacks
Glow Sticks
Personalized Word Games
Homemade Slime

Chances are you're kids will get enough Valentine’s Day candy from friends at school, so why not give them something healthier this year? Check out the above slideshow for ten non-candy gifts you can add to your child's Valentine's Day cards without sending them into a sugar-craze.

Use one of these non-candy gift options for the sake of yourself, and fellow parents. Each option can be a gift for your young one, or as a batch of for them to share with their class. The lack of sugar will surely keep teachers and fellow adults happy!  

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