12-Year-Old Sews Teddy Bears For Sick Children

by Myla Cruz
A 12-year-old boy has touched the hearts of millions by sewing teddy bears for hospitalized children. Campbell Remess, who lives in Tasmania, Australia with his mother and father, was just nine when he asked his parents if they could buy Christmas presents for sick children in a local hospital. When they told him it would cost too much, he decided to take it upon himself.
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He decided to make one present a day for an entire year. This was the beginning Project 365, for which he sews custom stuffed animals for children in hospitals. All by hand, he crafts individual teddy bears with a lone sewing machine and supplies he’s been able to scrummage up through fundraising. "Lots of people have donated fur and ribbons and lots of stuff," he told ABC News.
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Campbell’s bright idea has been trudging along strong over the last three years, as he’s been able to create over 450 presents for children. Worth noting, Remess does take requests for bears, but from time to time he also sells them on eBay for charity, such as the very fluffy-looking Franky he just sold—proceeds are going towards cancer-prevention foundation Relay For Life.
For anyone who is sick, happiness and laughter are nothing but helpful. Not only is Campbell’s project, and his care for those who are less fortunate, an act of charity, it’s also about community wellness and disease prevention. For parents striking through long Christmas lists this holiday, it offers a new perspective on giving.
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