5 Fun Things To Do With Your Family This Christmas

by Debolina Raja

Christmas is around the corner and that means it’s time for you to celebrate as a family. Don’t let this Christmas just be about gifts and overeating. Try something more fun this year. Here are some really interesting things you can do as a family:

1. Make A Christmas Wish Jar: Take an old mason jar, tie a red ribbon around it and place it on the dining table. Each person should write down their wish on a small piece of paper. These wishes should be placed in the jar. They could be as simple as “I wish we could all take more beach vacations” or “I wish we could build a tree-house”. Some fun things could include having a family makeover, everyone getting in the bath tub with their clothes on and playing with soap suds, having a pillow fight and so on. The activities don’t really have to about Christmas but could be anything that makes your family feel happy and loved during this special season.Help the younger ones to articulate their thoughts and write them down. You could even write a wish on behalf of your pet. For instance, if they could write, I’m sure your pets would scribble “More scratching” or “Longer walks”. Take turns to pick out the wishes from the jar and have fun doing them.

2. Start A New Tradition This Christmas: Choose a fun activity that could become your own  family tradition. You could start staging a Christmas play each year in which all family members could act. Your kids will look forward to it each year and it’s a great way to spend quality time with them. Instead of baking a huge Christmas cake, start baking Christmas cupcakes. Try making the most fun theme-based and completely unpredictable Christmas crib each year. Think superheroes, action figures, lego sets and so on. It’s not everyday that you see Batman and Superman join forces to  guard the manger. The possibilities are endless if you want to start a new tradition.

3. Movie Marathon: Snuggle in your blankets, make sure you have your Christmassy snacks all laid out and watch one silly movie after the other with the entire family. You could choose a theme such as “romantic comedies” or “bad movies from the 80’s”. Be sure to check with everyone and take a vote. This way no one’s stuck watching something they really hate.

4: Twelve Days Of Good Deeds: Each day of Christmas, resolve to do one good deed. Involve your family and distribute Christmas goodies in old-age homes. Donate pre-loved books and clothes to orphanages; offer to buy the basic necessities for a month. Spread the Christmas cheer and help out someone in need. It feels good to ease someone’s hurt and pain, especially during the holidays.

5. White Christmas: If you’re lucky and are indeed having a white Christmas, make sure you do fun activities, such as sliding on the snow with the kids or building a snowman. If it doesn’t  snow where you stay, you can always ask your kids to make some artificial snowflakes by shredding some used white paper. Gather the whole family in the front yard and throw bunches of the artificial snowflakes in the air. When you’re willing to be crazy, you can always have fun.

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