9 DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Party

by Simona Terron

Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate with friends and family, and as you prepare for an evening of food, fun, and festivities, we present nine DIY ideas for decorating with a Thanksgiving theme.

While you gather around some delicious food and drinks to express your gratitude for all the wonderful things in life, here’s how to ensure that everything looks the part. Follow these simple and fun decorating tips and DIY your way to happiness. Don’t forget to involve the kids!

1. Pumpkin Lanterns: Using a medium-sized pumpkin that’s been hollowed out and carved, make a simple lantern by placing a candle in the center. This will look great either on the sideboard, placed next to the front door on the porch or even in the middle of the dining table.

pumpkin lantern2. Pumpkin Centerpieces: Arrange some pumpkin spice scented candles with many different small pumpkins, squash, and cantaloupes for a natural, organic and attractive display, in a safe area, with nothing flammable around it.


3. Streamer Garland: Take orange and white store-bought plastic tablecloths, and cut them into strips. Twist these around strings of fairy lights and hang them up for a bright and cheery look that’s economical to achieve.

4. Candy Goody Bags: Try and find orange colored candy, preferably in the shape of mini-pumpkins and tiny heart shaped ones that say Thank You, to create a goody bag for your guests to take home. They’ll be talking about your awesome Thanksgiving party for days.

5. Munchkin Muffin Stop: Take muffin tin trays and fill them with buttons, beads, mini-flags, pompoms, stickers and plastic flowers or miniature toys that are orange and white in color. Kids can use these to keep busy making art and craft projects that they can take home as keepsakes.

6. Jar Head: Paint old mason jars using orange acrylic paints or cover with little pumpkin stickers to use as holders for cutlery on the dining table.

7. Chalk Talk: Using chalkboard paint, draw an oval in the center of each of the mason jars arranged on the table and let it set. Then put a box of colored chalks on the table so guests can label their individual drinks and avoid confusion.

8. Nifty Napkins: Instead of using disposable napkins, use cloth napkins, as they lend a classy and retro touch. Opt for orange and white ones to lend a pop of color to the table. If you don’t have napkins, just use orange and white bandanas wrapped around the cutlery with a short twist of twine to keep it in place.

9. Pumpkin Scarecrow: Using a large pumpkin that’s been hollowed out and carved, make a simple scarecrow and dress it up in old clothes. Stick it outside in your yard or next to the front door to give your guests a cheeky but warm, Thanksgiving-themed welcome.


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