#BackToSchool: 5 Quiet Snacks To Munch On In Class

by Myla Cruz
Class is officially in session at colleges and schools around the country, with 20 million busy American students  are juggling work, school, and growling stomachs. Having healthy, grab-and-go snacks is a smart move, but we've gone one further: These discreet, nearly silent snacking options will keep students inconspicuously well-fed during class.
Plain, Creamy Peanut Butter
No need for bread, jam, celery sticks, or any extras whatsoever—this staple's perfect (and quiet) eaten alone. High in protein, potassium, and fiber, peanut butters keep energy levels high while taking notes. Simply fill a 100 mL tupperware container with the creamy stuff (for silent eating, we recommend avoiding the crunchy version!) and grab a spoon. 
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Non-Crunchy Fruits
The holy grail of healthy and portable snacks, fruits come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and tastes. Avoid noisier fruits like crisp apples or pears and opt for options that are nearly silent to munch on, like grapes, plums, cherry tomatoes, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, or watermelon. 
Satisfying Smoothies
Quiet to sip, with a plethora of healthy flavor combinations smoothies are an ideal in-class treat. Try a banana base with almond milk, add a handful of strawberries for sweetness, plus half an avocado for good fats and protein. Top it off by adding health boosters like flax or chia seeds to the mix.
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A Good Old-Fashioned Sandwich
It doesn’t take much to see why a simple sandwich is a great mid-class snack that fills you up while keeping your writing hand free. Try a variation of ingredients throughout the semester to top your sandwich off. For a quieter option, use lettuce and onions sparingly. We suggest a veggie delight with cilantro, avocado, mushrooms, with a red wine vinaigrette and a dollop of veganaisse. Try Dave’s Killer Bread for a delicious and organic sandwich exterior with tons of yummy seeds baked in. Simply cut in half and place in plastic wrap before you head to your afternoon class.
Apple Maple Pecan Bites
For this yummy, energy-boosting treat, you’ll need nothing more than 6 core ingredients: dried apples, dates, pecan bits, hemp seeds, genuine maple syrup, and cinnamon. What’s so great about this snack, other than its phenomenal flavor, is that it demands no cooking whatsoever. Simply roll the bites into 1-inch round balls, place in the fridge and grab a few on your way out to your next school excursion.
Have more delicious and discreet snacks? Tell us about them in the comments.
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