How To Sneak A Workout Into Your Busy Parenting Schedule

by Jennifer Taylor

All moms and dads know how it can be especially tough to sneak a workout into a busy parenting schedule. On the ‘moms’ episode of The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth helped five parents who had lost control of their health since having kids, and taught us all a few things we can take away. 

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Here are five places where you can sneak a workout into your busy parenting schedule: 

When The Kids Are Sleeping

One of the best parts about your child’s early years, is that they sleep more than you do. From when they’re born to at least age-five, you should have a few hours (per night or morning) where you can workout uninterrupted. Going out on walks, and setting up workout equipment in your home, like on the mom’s episode of The Big Fat Truthare good ways to start working out when your kids sleep. 

When You’re Babysitting

A lot of overworked parents look at their time with the kids as lost time, but that doesn’t have to be the case. JD Roth teaches us on the The Big Fat Truth that getting the whole family involved in your workout is a good way to consolidate your to-do list. You can push a baby on a stroller for a jog, or take your little ones out for a game of pick-up soccer, or a bike ride. The options are endless. 

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While You’re At Work

Time at the office is time away from your busy parenting schedule. Now, we know your first question must be—How can I work out while I’m at the office? There are actually many ways, including: using your lunch break to hit the gym, running or biking to work, and doing low-impact stretches and body exercises throughout the day. 

When You Take “Me Time” 

It’s pivotal for mothers to make “me time” when raising children. This time can be used for your workout, or to rest and relax, so that early morning jog becomes a more attainable goal. Regardless, be sure to take the time to take care of yourself, so you can be a healthier, more energetic parent the rest of the time. 

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When You Change Your Diet

A lot of parents will tell you that they just don’t have the time to workout, but it’s actually that they don’t have the energy. All of the participants on The Big Fat Truth will tell you that quitting meat and adopting a plant-based diet can help you gain more energy to workout. Want to find out for yourself? Sign up for The Big Fat Challenge, where JD Roth will guide you through the same wellness program he prescribes on the show.

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