Our Favorite Dads From Birth Days

by Z Living Momma

First comes love...  Then comes marriage...  Then comes a baby in the baby carriage...

If you're dreaming of starting a family with kids, you should check out Birth Days on Z Living. The show offers a first-hand, sometimes hilarious peek into the fantasy that so many women and men dream about: married life with children.

Sure, being married with kids can be a truly wonderful thing. But what about those private moments that no one talks about... like the first two weeks of life after your son or daughter is born and you're still figuring out how to change a diaper? Or the moment that you realize that your friends no longer want to hang out because your newborn will sink the soiree?

At Z Living, we’ve discussed how this generation of fathers is unique. Parenting expert and Birth Days host Kathy Buckworth recently told us, "I think we can say goodbye to the old stereotypes of Dad not being involved and passing baby on to Mom at every opportunity. While they all had different struggles (I loved the Dad with the oxygen mask for changing diapers), their commitment to being a full partner and parent was terrific to see.”

We love Birth Days because it opens our eyes to those cherished, honest (and humorous) moments just after a newborn is brought home and documents just how much modern families are changing.

Here are a few dads who taught us a few lessons about modern fatherhood...

Mike: You Can't Always Get What You Want

fathers-dayMike, a rock musician, fell deeply in love with Deborah.

Before long, he gave up his dreams of becoming a rockstar to be Deborah's partner and raise a family by her side. Unfortunately, being the primary breadwinner also meant him being absent from home. The day after their newborn's birth, Mike has to return to work. Deborah laments, "Since Dylan was born, Mike has only been able to see him for the total of an hour."

Even their 4-year-old Tyler feels the absense, which hurts. Mike says...

"All I want to do is be with [my son] Tyler... every day is like "come on Dad, let's play" and it's like, Buddy I gotta go to work again." 

Though it's sad that Mike can't give his sons a little extra time, it's a part of being a working Dad. Mike's choice to give up his rock-and-roll dreams to become a rockstar husband and father makes him among our favorite dads from Birth Days.

Kenroy: It Ain't Just About You, Buddy

Kenroy met his future wife Cherise at church, fell in love with her, and got serious…

After all, Cherise had threatened him with a deadline to propose marriage to her. With a son of her own from a previous relationship, she had no time to fool around. (Hey, we don't blame her!) Her proposal ultimatum worked, and they combined families. When reflecting on being a step-dad, Ken says...

"Becoming an instant dad took getting used to because I had to think not about myself but somebody else."

Becoming a new parent means shifting your priorities and responsibilities so your children come first. Kenroy discovered this first as a stepfather, and then again as a father. We applaud Ken for stepping up to the plate.

Bryan & Scott: When A Son Gives To His Father, Both Cry. 

fathers-dayJulie's husband Scott comes from a family of "big, tough, hockey playing" men. But, when times get emotional, they tear up faster than children reuniting with a parent home from the military.

With that in mind, it's no surpise that Grandpa Bryan, Scott's Dad, is hit with waterworks on camera as he holds his grandson. 

"I'm very pleased to be here. Just proud to be a Grandpa."

Watching these tough guys melt over their new little guy is a touching sight. Julie and Scott ultimately decide that Scott will be the "stay-at-home" Dad and watch the little one, and Bryan remains proud. 

Watch more lessons about becoming a new dad and fatherhood on Birth Days on at 4pm on Z Living .

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