There's A Big Debate Brewing About Natural Birth Methods

by The Z Living Editors
In the process of childbirth, modern medicine has taken a backseat as more women embrace natural methods for delivering their children.

In New York City alone over the past decade, over 74% of moms-to-be favored the upward ticking trend supporting midwifery, doulas, at-home births and bathtubs births over modern methods. Many pro-homebirth moms argue that delivering babies in hospitals can turn what should be a life-changing experience into an assembly-line process thanks to items like epidurals, forced C-sections and unnatural birthing positions (like lying down instead of standing or kneeling). 

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Are Traditional 'Natural' Birth Methods Necessarily Better Than Modern Birth Methods?

One doctor’s opinion is making waves because she’s arguing that natural is not always better. And she’s taking jabs at everything from midwives to home births to breastfeeding.

In her new book, Push Back: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting, self-proclaimed “skeptical OB” Dr. Amy Tuteur argues that home births are actually pretty dangerous, that there’s nothing inherently better about “natural” or drug-free childbirth, and that breast-feeding is not always best.

In fact, the Harvard-graduate with a medical degree from Boston University, pushes back against a lot of assumptions in the “natural parenting movement”.

Here Are Some Of Dr. Amy Tuteur's Controversial Takeaways:

  1. There is nothing especially wonderful about natural childbirth. 65 years ago, infant mortality rates were 65-times higher than they are today. Modern medicine should be regarded as the miracle it is, instead of being villanized for being overly invasive.
  2. Homebirths are often done by untrained or self-accredited midwives who redily admit that the risk of death is hundreds of times higher at home than at a hospital.
  3. Half of all C-sections performed were probably unnecessary, but it shouldn’t be up to “people on the Internet” to decide whether one’s C-section was justified (or not)
  4. While Dr. Tuteur acknowledges the benefits of breastfeeding, she cautions that breastfeeding benefits are short-lived and not nearly as important as making sure the baby is properly fed. Formula, therefore, isn’t as bad as everyone thinks so everyone should just relax.
While Dr. Tuteur's point of view is controversial, her ideas add to the richly diverse debate on the various approaches to childbirth and parenting. It's paramount that this discussion continue so people are informed enough to examine all the facts and make the very best decisions that uniquely work for them and their families.

Tell us:  Should women should deliver at hospitals or at home?  And is the better mode of childbirth include modern medicine or natural methods? Share your thoughts and stories in our comments section.


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