These Daddies Aren't Too Sexy To Dance

by Z Living Staff
These dads are doing their little turn on the catwalk with their babies in tow. 

In a video gone viral, these San Diego dads can be seen doing a choreographed line dance to “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. And as you can see, they each have their baby on their chest, which makes these adorable duos look like kangaroos. According to GroovaRoo, a company that teaches these baby-clad dance classes, "In the womb, mother and baby move to the same heartbeat. Dancing with your baby is a natural extension of this vital rhythmic synchronization."

But in this special edition of the dance, the fathers take over and give their wives a "well-deserved hour 'off duty' break from mama-hood", GroovaRoo Dance wrote on Facebook.

“These dads learned this whole routine in 45 minutes, and most of them had never taken a dance class before,” they wrote. The philosophy of GroovaRoo is that “dancing is an integral part of everyday life, as it is in many cultures around the world.” Their mother-baby dance classes have been wildly popular in the San Diego area, so they thought they’d create a dad-focused class where babies, particularly boys, can experience the fun of movement before they even learn to walk.

We just love this!

Source: Groovaroodance Facebook
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